Here is How to Wash Pesticides From Fruits and Vegetables

How to Wash the Pesticides From the Fruits and VegetablesUnfortunately, most of the food is sprayed with various poisonous substances, and in order to save the health of your children and yourselves, learn how to wash pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

Despite being healthier, the organic food is usually very expensive, and it is hard to get to it. Especially for people who live in big cities, who buy suspicious imported fruit and vegetables in the local market, and rarely from a farmer at the street market – those local, seasonal ones.

Unfortunately, most of these foods are sprayed with all sorts of poisonous products. However, there is a way to eliminate the poison and save the health of your family.

Here is what you need:


Take a bigger bowl and mix well in it a cup of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of lemon juice and water. Then, put the problematic fruits and vegetables into this liquid and let it sit for five minutes on the cloth. Wash it well, let it dry and your groceries are ready for eating. You can apply the same trick on herbs, but also make sure to wash well the stems.

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