10 Effective Ways To Relieve Headache Naturally

Natural Ways to Stop Headaches

For some people a headache is everyday problem, while for others periodic problem. Practically there isn’t a man on the planet that hasn’t experienced a headache, and therefore we present 10 effective ways to relieve headache naturally.

#1. The redness and pain from your temples will disappear after a tiny treatment with the inner side of a lemon crust.

#2. Eat bread sprayed with 40 drops of 20 % propolis mixed with 100 ml of spirit.

#3. Rub your nose, forehead, nape and temples with radish, carrot, cut bulb or garlic.

#4. Drink 1/2 glass fresh potato juice.

#5. Drink 1/4 glass black currant juice three times a day.

#6. Avoid hairbrushes made of plastic or synthetic materials which influence electrization– turn to materials such as bone or wood.

#7. Apply squeezed cabbage around head, so that it leaves some juice over temples and forehead. Use juice for hands, wrists and ears.

#8. Often headaches can be traced back to problems with arterial blood pressure: if it increases pain appears in an occipital area and if it decreases the pain starts in lobno-temporal area. Askofen and Analginum are good medical treatments, but they are not dealing with the cause of the problem. Consult Asian tradition for a change and try plaster made of pepper or Vietnamese balm.

#9. Take a spoon of one crushed valerians root and let it boil for 15 minutes. Filter it before drinking. Repeat this three times per day.

#10. Drink 1/4 glass of St. John’s worth tea three times a day. St. John’s worth should be boiled for 15-minutes and filtered.

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