10 Mistakes That Can Make Allergies Even More Unbearable

10 Mistakes That Can Make Allergies Even More UnbearableAllergies can turn the spring, which according to many people is the most beautiful season, into a nightmare. Although you might think that you do everything in your power to protect yourselves, maybe these advices will show you that you do something wrong.

1. Additional glass of alcohol with dinner

Drinking alcohol can increase the sensibility to allergies even up to 3%. Beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks contain histamine which has a natural characteristic to stimulate allergic reaction. In order to prevent situations like this, before you drink a cocktail or wine, simply take an antihistamine.

2. Your closet

Experts warn that synthetic fabrics, due to their static charge, attract more pollen that natural fabrics.

Therefore, you should replace your clothes made of synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon, with cotton, cashmere or wool. Clothes made of such natural materials can be washed in warm or hot water which destroys some of the allergens such as dust mites.

3. Walking around the house with clothes you wear outside

If you walk around the house with clothes you wear outside, the allergens which were previously caught on your soles are released in the air, which increases the risk that you will breathe them in. Doctors advise you to take off the shoes the same moment you cross the threshold, and it would be good to brush and clean the soles of the shoes once a week.

4. If you have showers only in the morning

Pollen and animal hair can stick to the body very easily. In fact, a lot of “unfriendly particles” accumulate on the skin during the day, and if you do not have a shower before going to bed, you allow them easy access to the nostrils and eyes. Certainly, it is good to have a shower before going to bed, but wearing clean pyjamas or cleaning yourselves with a wet towel can also help.

5. Stress

A recent study warns that stress hormones can stimulate the production of immunoglobulins, antibodies which cause sneezing, itchy eyes and other unpleasant allergic symptoms. Try to be less exposed to stress and to practice more relaxing methods like yoga, because the study has shown that it reduces allergic symptoms for about 60%.

6. Carpet in your bedroom

Carpets retain dust mites, animal hair and other allergens that you breathe in while you sleep. Unless you plan to use the vacuum cleaner twice a week, remove the carpet from the bedroom and polish your hardwood floors. And if you cannot simply say goodbye to the carpet, try to clean it with steam every six months.

7. Your friend’s dog

Since allergens stick to clothes, a visit by a friend who has a pet can also mean transferring of allergens in your home, on your furniture. One of the solutions is to clean your home immediately after your friend, the owner of the pet, leaves.

8. The city

Contrary to the previous beliefs, urban areas are more likely to cause allergic reactions than the farm, for example. Try to keep the windows closed and use air conditioning and clean the filters regularly.

9. Scented candles

Scented candles can irritate the airways, and when your nose and sinuses are in danger, they are more exposed to allergic reactions. If you just cannot resist the romantic atmosphere of candles, try to find unscented candles made ​​of soy.

10. Exercising

Areas which are used for doing exercises are a magnet for allergens due to the heat and moist, so try to spend less time there. Do not spend more than ten minutes in saunas or dressing rooms.

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