10 Natural Diuretic Foods for Water Retention

Natural Diuretic Foods for Water RetentionRetaining water in the body can be a big health problem. A feeling of heaviness in the arms and wrists, fatigue and feeling bloated are signs that your body retains water. Warm weather, a job that requires standing for a long time or poor diet, are the most common causes of this problem.

The reasons may be an imbalance of hormones during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause and PMS, when women feel bloated and appear to be fatter. .

Also, fast food and very salty meals cause the body to retain water, therefore we feel bloated in the stomach area, as well as the arms and legs. Natural diuretics will easily solve this problem, you will look slimmer, but what is more important is the mark that will stay in your organism which will get rid of the water. These ten natural diuretic foods for water retention will easily solve that problem:

1. Cranberry

It’s known as the ingredient that cures or relieves urinary tract problems. It is an excellent diuretic, and you can consume it dried or as a juice.

2. Drinks with caffeine

Whether they are juices or coffee and tea, it does not matter. These are some of the best diuretics. However, you should not exaggerate. Keep up to five cups of tea a day or 2 dl of coffee.

3. Lemon

Lemon juice is an essential part of the diet when you want to get rid of the water from your body. You can add it in your meals, make juice or simply eat it like fruit.

4. Cherries

Whenever you are close to cherries, do not hesitate to eat them. They are an excellent diuretic, and at the same time, a real refreshment for the thirst.

5. Cereals

It’s a dry food that eliminates the unnecessary water. If you are not on a diet, you can add yoghurt, honey, fruit, or anything else you want.

6. Ginger

Eat fresh ginger which you can grate or you can make some juice of it. It is excellent for detoxification and together with the toxins, the body gets rid of the unnecessary water as well.

7. Eggplant

You can easily add this ingredient to the meals, and at the same time you improve your health. Very often it is a sufficient summer meal, and it easily gets rid of the unnecessary water from your body.

8. Celery

It is rich with water, you can mix it with some fruit.

9. Watermelon

For many people there is no better refreshment than a watermelon in the summer. It contains very low levels of calories and it is an excellent diuretic. The same applies to the cucumbers as well.

10. Tomatoes

Seasonal vegetables, you can prepare them in hundreds of ways or simply eat them as much as you can.

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