10 Natural Remedies Against Anxiety

10 Natural Remedies Against AnxietyIT HELPS By using teas, proper breathing and exercises, you will solve the feeling of anxiety, panic and stress as quickly as possible.

Often, you are worried, anxious, scared and upset about money, health, work, family, love … Your heart beats faster, you have problems with the breathing and you think that you will die.

Whether it is just an anxiety attack or a real mental disorder, do not take the first remedy for which a layman guarantees that it will eliminate all of your problems. Nature has fantastic solutions that will calm you down, and these are just some of them:


The ancient Greeks believed that inhaling lavender aroma calms the nerves and tension in the body, and a research has shown that the patients who went to the dentist were less anxious if the waiting room smelled of lavender. So, take advantage of this aromatic blossom in order to reduce anxiety, fill your home with its scent. Use fresh or dried lavender or essential oil.

Green Tea

Studies show that L-theanine, contained in this tea, helps to control the faster heart rate and the rise of the blood pressure, and several studies have shown that this compound reduces the anxiety as well.

Chamomile Tea

Next time you feel nervous, you should have a cup of chamomile tea. The chamomile has a great calming effect, and let it be your daily ritual from now on. In addition to the tea, there are also supplements on the basis of chamomile, which the scientists also recommend.


It is one of the most effective herbs that have been used as a calming substance for centuries. However, you should be careful with it and you should not take more than the recommended amount of it.


No, this does not mean that you should exaggerate with the beer! You should not drink the medicine based on hop, but you should sleep on it! The pillows with hop have the ability to soothe and prolong the sleep, and the essential oil that is available in the form of an extract has soothing properties.

Lemon balm

It is also called lemon grass and it has been used for centuries for medical purposes, in particular for reducing stress and anxiety. Although it is safe to use, keep in mind that studies have shown that too much of it can increase the anxiety. You can find it in the form of tea, capsules and tinctures. Follow the instructions and start with the lowest dose.

Eat something

People are much more irritable and anxious when they are hungry. When you get an attack of anxiety, it may mean that your blood sugar level has dropped. The best you can do is to treat yourself with a fast snack, such as a handful of nuts or a little dark chocolate with a glass of water or a cup of hot tea.


A large number of people with an anxiety disorder skip the breakfast, and that is a big mistake. Do not skip this meal, you should eat eggs, which are full of protein and quickly you will feel full, and they are the best natural source of choline (the low levels of choline in the body is associated with an increased anxiety).


In order to stay calm, you should practice proper breathing. Sit back, close your eyes and focus on the feeling that is created when the air fills your lungs and you breathe it out gently. This technique has proven to be very effective in reducing the stress and anxiety.

The rule of “21 minutes”

If you want to eliminate the anxiety, training for exactly 21 minutes is the ideal solution for you!

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