10 Types of Pain That You Must Not Ignore

Types of Pain That You Must Not IgnoreStudies have shown that people are more committed to listening to the work of their cars, than the signals of their own bodies. And the body often reacts to a certain problem – by pain. In the moments of pain, many will reach for the analgesics in order to eliminate the discomfort as soon as possible. Only few would think of the fact that pain-killers are only a temporary solution and very often they just hide the symptoms of much more serious diseases.

If you feel a strange pain in the chest, the lower back or the lower jaw, you should not take this carelessly. People with damaged health should be especially alerted. Because sometimes, the consequences of a seemingly harmless pain can complicate the life and even be fatal. Here are ten pains that you must not ignore.

1. Pressure in the chest, shoulders…

For example, people with heart problems, and even people who have a family member with heart problems, must not ignore the pain in the chest and shoulders. Even when they feel a strange pain in the arms, the lower jaw or when they feel a sudden pain in the stomach, they should react immediately and check their condition. Because maybe even the next moment, there will not be time for that. The pain of a heart attack may appear exactly on these seemingly strange places.

2. Sciatica and Low Back Pain

The spine is the main post in the structure of the body. The muscle tissue and nerve bundles are attached to it. Without the spine, the body would look like a pile of flesh in a bag. Sometimes, the pain in the lumber region of the spine is not a result of too much work. Similar pain can be caused by kidney stones, and unfortunately, it may be a result of kidney tumor. In case of tumor, the pain occurs when “proud flesh” grows and starts to put pressure on the spine. Therefore, if the back pain is chronic, you should let the doctors discover the real cause of the pain.

3. The stomach like a time bomb

When after some feast there are cramps in the stomach, everyone knows that this pain is due to too much food which the stomach struggles to digest. The problem is when similar pain occurs without any apparent reason. The cause of the pain can be the kidneys and appendix, and many more. Pain in the lower right abdomen usually signals appendicitis. The only solution is to surgically remove that piece of intestine, because if it bursts, the fester will be spread across the womb and this will cause sepsis.

Pain in the upper abdomen often signals inflammation of the bile and the pancreas. Similar pain occurs when there is hepatitis, which is a viral liver disease. Abdominal pain is never good news, therefore, if there is an unexplainable, recurrent or sudden stomach pain, consult your doctor immediately.

4. Heavy, aching legs

Usually we feel pain in the legs after a long run or hard climbing. The problem is when the leg pain occurs unprovoked. Then, the pain is a certain sign that something else is wrong. A condition like this must not be ignored because maybe thrombosis has been developed in the legs. In fact, the legs consist of intertwined arteries and veins.

The arteries supply the organs and tissues with fresh blood, and the veins transport the blood low in oxygen back to the heart. The entire system of blood circulation stimulates the heart, which constantly and rhythmically pumps the blood. The flow of the venous blood is also supported by the leaflet valves which are placed on the inner walls of the veins. Their role is to prevent the returning of the venous blood back in the legs. Everything is well when the veins are elastic.

Varicose veins

The problems occur when they become enlarged. And they usually become weak under the pressure of kilograms and unhealthy lifestyle. Then the leaflet valves cannot make a barrier and stop the blood from flowing back into the legs. Then the legs become swollen and very painful. Due to the disruption of the blood flow, there is formation of clots (thrombi), which leads to development of thrombosis. These clots can cause even bigger problems. If the clot reaches the lungs, it can cause embolism (pulmonary infarction), in the brain – a stroke. Thrombosis can be anticipated by a healthy lifestyle. People with thrombosis and smokers should walk more and start a healthy lifestyle.

5. Tingling in the hands or feet

Usually we feel the tingling in the hands or feet when we hold the hands or the feet for a long time in a position which prevents the normal blood circulation. But as soon as we put them back in a normal position and move them a little, the tingling disappears.

The problem is when this unpleasant feeling in the hands and feet occurs for no apparent reason. Then apparently there is peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of this disease are tingling, numbness and burning. There are many causes for this. The development of the disease can be caused by diabetes and alcoholism. Nerve damage can also cause injuries, infections and toxins. According to what has caused the damage, the method of treatment is determined. Sometimes the analgesics help in the easing of symptoms. Very often the treatment is based on physical therapy, and sometimes a neurosurgical intervention is needed.

6. Mysterious traveling pain

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition or pain syndrome which is characterized by pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as fatigue. Sometimes the patients undergo various treatments in order to find out what is wrong with them, and even after a lot of treatments, they realize that the reason that lies behind the mysterious traveling pain is Fibromyalgia. This disease affects women more often. This unexplainable pain occurs in the back, the elbows or the neck. Sometimes there can be headaches accompanied by insomnia. Fibromyalgia, which is not harmless at all, can cause anxiety and depression. Analgesics and antidepressants ease the pain and depression.

7. Male genitals

If there has been a kick in the testicles, the pain will disappear in a few days. You should be concerned if the pain appears without any reason. The cause of such pain can be a disease of the testicular vein or testicular varicocele.

The testicles can also ache and swell due to cysts on the surface layer of the skin (Spermatocela). Hernia can also cause pain. But, the most dangerous is when the pain in the testicles is caused by a malignant disease. Therefore, if you feel a sudden unprovoked pain in the testicles, hurry to see your doctor. This pain will not disappear by itself.

8. Painful burst in the head

While some headaches last and last, others, however, come suddenly, burst painfully like a lightning and disappear. A headache like that can sometimes have much more serious consequences. The bursting pain in the head can be a sign of a stroke or a transient ischemic attack. A stroke occurs when the blood clot which is traveling through the body, reaches the brain. Then the clot blocks the cerebral artery, which causes it to burst or in other words, causes a stroke. Except the sudden headaches, the stroke can be preceded by some neurological disorders, for example when you drop things, when you fall down without any reason etc. The transient ischemic attack is a type of “mini stroke”. Symptoms include dizziness, temporary visual problems, and sometimes the person affected by this problem cannot hold a pen in their hand. Therefore, if you feel a bursting headache or other symptoms, you should see a neurologist.

9. Problems due to a forgotten tampon

Probably a lot of women have read the warning, before using tampons, that they should not keep them for a longer period because they may cause infections on the uterus and fallopian tubes. The tissue is red, swollen and painful due to the inflammation. If the genital inflammation is not treated, it can cause chronic pelvic pain. According to statistics, in one year, 750,000 out of one million women get over inflammation, and every tenth woman becomes sterile due to this. The inflammation does not have to be very painful. It is accompanied by other symptoms, such as frequent urination or pain in the abdomen.

Ovarian cysts can also cause pelvic pain, these should be removed surgically.

10. Swollen inflamed joints

The pain in the joints is most commonly caused by osteoarthritis. However, the joints do not have to be swollen and numb due to this disease. The similar swelling, numbness and pain can be caused by lupus. It is an autoimmune disease with characteristic formation of autoantibodies to the components of the cell nucleus. In other words, the immune system is weakened and the cells in the body destroy themselves. In addition to the joints, the disease can also affect the skin, the kidneys, the lungs, the nervous system. Other symptoms of lupus are: fatigue, hair loss and fever.

The pain in the joints can induce some childhood diseases such as measles and chickenpox. And sometimes, the swollen joints are caused by rheumatoid arthritis. This is also an autoimmune disease which should be systematically treated.

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