12 Foods That Control Your Appetite

Foods That Control Your AppetiteAlthough you might want to lose a few kilograms, starving is not the right way to do it. It is important to eat healthy and various food, however, you should be very careful what you eat. Thus, if you make the wise choice of food, you will not feel hungry, and take significantly fewer calories in the body.

1. Almonds

How many times have we said that they are excellent! Only a handful of almonds is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium. Almonds increase the feeling of satiety and help in the regulation of body weight. If you are stressed, then your body craves for sweets and fat – again, the almonds are probably the best solution!

2. Coffee

Although too many cups of coffee can make you nervous and irritated, reasonable amounts of coffee strengthen the metabolism and restrain the appetite. The secret is in the caffeine and antioxidants. You should not mess up the good effects with too much sugar or whipped cream! Try, for a change, coffee without any additives. Feel the real taste!

3. Ginger

Who knows how many times this ingredient has been on the list of ingredients which are good for something. For centuries, many cultures have used the ginger root for good digestion. Ginger acts as a stimulant that gives the body energy and stimulates digestion.

4. Apples

It is worth repeating that apples of all varieties suppress hunger because they are full of soluble fibers and pectin, which help you not to feel hungry. Apples also regulate blood sugar levels and increase the energy in the organism. Finally, apples require a lot of time for chewing which gives the body more time to realize that you are no longer hungry.

5. Eggs

Studies have shown that one or two eggs for breakfast help the feeling of satiety during 24 hours, more than the pastry with the same amount of calories. One study has confirmed that people who ate eggs, consumed 330 calories less during the day than the people who started the day with pastry.

6. Water

Science claims that you will reduce your appetite with one or two glasses of water! In one study it was shown that, people who drank two glasses of water before a meal, ate between 75 and 90 fewer calories at a meal than those who did not drink water!

7. Vegetable soup

The hot soup or vegetable stew can reduce the hunger with a minimum amount of calories. Try to eat a small plate of soup before your next meal or, even better, just eat a big plate of soup as a main course!

8. Green tea

The green tea again! If you are not a fan of coffee, try a cup of hot green tea. The green tea can help to stop the urge to eat something, and nutritionists claim that the catechins in the green tea inhibit the conversion of glucose into fat cells, which slows the growth of sugar in the blood. And when the blood sugar levels are stable, so is the hunger!

9. Dark chocolate

You like chocolate, but you cannot control yourselves? If you can, try at first with two pieces of dark chocolate which contains at least 70 percent of cocoa. Only dark chocolate helps to reduce the hunger, because the bitter taste signals the body to decrease the appetite.

10. Green leafy vegetables

If you are looking for a highly nutritious food that will not make you feel hungry for hours, then the winner is, green leafy vegetables. Kale, spinach, chard (if you eat them raw or cooked with some olive oil) successfully block even the greatest hunger.

11. Cinnamon

Sprinkle some cinnamon on cereal, oatmeal, fruit salad or a cup of coffee, because this spice, like cloves and ginger, helps to lower the blood sugar levels, which helps to control the appetite!

12. Salad

If you want to keep your hunger under control, you should eat a small salad before the meal. A small dish of vegetables is sufficient for the brain to receive a signal that you got the necessary calories. Since it takes about 15 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to the brain that you are not hungry, start with a small salad before the meal.

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