12 Golden Rules For Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels

12 Golden Rules For Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels

1. Less Fat

Eat less fat, especially saturated fats (lard, tallow, cream, full-fat cheese). It is recommended to use vegetable oils. You should also eat less food rich in cholesterol (eggs, brain, liver, kidneys)

2. Complex carbohydrates

You should eat more complex carbohydrates, grains (bread, pasta, rice). It is recommended to eat those products from which they have not removed the fibers, vitamins and minerals during the processing (whole wheat,semi-white bread and flour, soy, beans, peas, lentils and other legumes).

3. More fresh fruit and vegetables

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. The potassium that is contained in the fruit and vegetables protects from high blood pressure and the fibers protect the blood vessels from accumulation of the cholesterol. It is recommended a daily consumption of at least two types of fruit, a large serving of green leafy vegetables, with abundant use of potatoes and various stews. You should eat a plate of beans, peas or lentils every day.

4. Eat less sugar and sweets

The sugar is a drug of the modern age, it is addictive and harmful to the whole body. The biggest problem is that it is contained in most of the processed foods on the market. You can read more here.

5. Less salt

Eat less salt because itcauses higher blood pressure which causes diseases of the heart and the blood vessels. It is recommended to use only 5-6 grams of salt a day, including the salt that is contained in the products.

6. Limit the use of meat

Limit the use of meat to about 100 grams a day. Eat lean meat, chicken and fish. During the preparation you should remove the fatty pieces of the meat. You should boil or bake the food. Do not fry it, because with the frying it absorbs a lot of fat. It is recommended to use fresh meat instead processed. The fish should be on your menu at least twice a week.

7. Take more Vitamin C

It has been proven that the vitamin C from the food protects the heart and the blood vessels and reduces the total level of cholesterol in the blood and increases the level of the good cholesterol. The vitamin C is contained in big amounts in the lemons, grapefruit, oranges, cabbage, peppers, cauliflower, peaches, apricots, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. The vitamin C from the pills has less protective capacity than the vitamin from the fresh fruits and vegetables.

8. Drink moderately

A glass or two of wine, half a liter of beer or one small glass of liquor a day.

9. Stop smoking if you are a smoker

Here is Natural recipe that will help you to quit smoking forever.

10. Take care of body weight

Control the body weight and try to balance it and if it is necessary, you should try to balance it by smaller portions and more physical activity.

11. Take walks

Take regular and longer walks in nature and do exercises every day.

12. Avoid Stress

Protect yourselves as much as it is possible, from stressful situations during the day and try to laugh more and be in a good mood as part of the relaxation.

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