13 Good Reasons Why You Must Have Lemons at Home

lemonsThere is almost nothing that the lemons, or its juice, cannot correct, improve or heal. There is even scientific evidence that the lemon lowers the risk of cancer and heart attack. Look at the list of reasons why it is very important to always have lemons at home:

It helps against acne

Apply some lemon juice on the acne. The acid will reach even the deepest layers of dead skin cells and make the pores clean.

It eliminates the morning sickness

Many pregnant women feel relief when they drink lemonade, eat a slice of lemon or add a few drops of lemon in the weak black tea. The sharp taste and aroma ease nausea and soothe the stomach.

It helps to smell nice

The lemon juice can be a great substitute for a deodorant if you apply it in the armpits, because it fights the bacteria that cause bad smell by making the pH of the skin more acidic.

It helps the heart

Since it is rich in vitamin C, it fights the free radicals in the body. Low levels of antioxidants, and especially of vitamin C, are connected with the increased risk of stroke and heart attack, because the free radicals oxidize the cholesterol, which is held in the walls of the blood vessels, resulting in clogged arteries.

Greasy hair

Thin, weak hair is a result of too much activity of the sebaceous glands, probably due to poor diet or some disease. The lemon juice can help with the greasy hair. Pour the juice of one lemon in a cup of water and then pour it on wet hair instead of the final rinsing.


The citrus acid from the lemon helps in the prevention of painful kidney stones – each morning, you should drink a glass of hot water with some squeezed lemon in it. In this way, you will stimulate peristalsis (wavy contractions of muscles in the channels that move the food along the digestive tract) and prevent constipation. If you drink this beverage every day, you will speed up your metabolism as well.

It stops hiccups

You should suck a slice of lemon in order to control the hiccup.

Fight against cancer

Experts, who study cancer, have discovered that a chemical component in the lemon crust can prevent the development of cancer cells. In addition, they suggest that the same substance stimulates the liver to dissolve toxins, including the possible carcinogens. It is believed that the lemon activates the enzyme glutathione, which fights against carcinogens in the body.

Breathing easily

If you suffer from sinusitis, lemon “remedies” can help you. Try a combination of warm water and some chili peppers to reduce mucus. Or, you can mix a glass of water, juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons sea salt, pour it into a shallow dish, lean over it on the left side first, absorb the water with the left nostril, and it should start coming out through the right nostril. Then, you should gently blow your nose and repeat the procedure on the other side.

Cure for dry mouth

Due to some medications, sometimes we have lack of saliva, which can be uncomfortable. This problem is also connected with the process of aging. In order to stimulate the flow of the saliva, you should add some lemon juice in the water and rinse your mouth with it.

Fight against viruses

You should never underestimate the power of a hot lemon drink in situations when you need to fight colds and flu. The drink will calm the irritation and reduce histamine – a chemical that causes inflammation, stuffy nose, watery eyes…

Blood sugar

Irritability, poor concentration, fatigue and headache are the symptoms of variable levels of blood sugar which makes you crave for sweet food. If you sprinkle the food with some lemon juice, you will reduce the effect of sugar in the blood by 30 percent. The use of lemon peel during cooking will ensure even distribution of sugar into the entire bloodstream. You should sprinkle the fish and chicken with some lemon juice and you can add the peel into soups and salads.


The lemon is excellent for detoxification of the body, helps with the excretion of excess fluid and reduces the cellulite. As a low calorie food, which slows the assimilation of fat, it can help you to maintain the ideal weight.

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