3 Day Yogurt Diet Plan – Hit Diet for the Employed

3 Day Yogurt DietFirst of all, the yogurt diet is healthy because it has positive effects on the digestion, it improves the digestion. It has several versions and this one here is a quick diet with yogurt which lasts for three days and if it is necessary, it may be extended to a whole week.

Yogurt for digestion and health

Probably, you have already heard about the effects of yogurt on the digestion and the digestive system and digestive tract. Since it contains calcium lactate, this sour dairy product helps our intestines to move faster and to digest the food faster. In addition, it eliminates the harmful toxins and it makes detoxification of the organism. Due to its probiotic properties, it is used in many diets.

Yoghurt for weight loss

It occurs in various combinations, such as: diet with yogurt and cinnamon, diet with yogurt and apples, yogurt and lemon for weight loss, yogurt and cucumber diet and many others. Although they are different in the diet plans, for most of them one thing is the same – you should consume large amounts of yogurt every day.

Yogurt Diet – hit for the employed

The three-day diet with yogurt is a real hit among the employed, because it is very easy to implement it and brings excellent results in a short period of time. The yogurt diet of three days will not make you starve and you will not feel exhausted and tired, on the contrary, you will feel good and full of energy.

The 3 day yogurt diet menu

Day One

• Breakfast: Low fat yogurt with cereal of your choice
• Lunch: Boiled vegetables with rice with the inevitable olive oil, you can add salt and pepper, and for dessert you should eat one light fruit yogurt.
• Dinner: Make a salad from one carrot, an apple and 50 grams of ham, fry everything in olive oil and when you remove it from the heat, add one nonfat yogurt.

Day Two

• Breakfast: The cucumber salad is ideal for the beginning of a new day, all you need is to cut the cucumber into cubes and add a light probiotic yogurt.
• Lunch: Fry a slightly spiced turkey in some olive oil, then add pepper, tomato and finely chopped mushrooms. When it cools off, you should add yogurt in the meal
• Dinner: yogurt with berries, our recommendation is to prepare this meal by yourselves, with low fat yogurt and finely cut fruit

Day Three

• Breakfast: You should prepare the cinnamon and yogurt combination in the following manner: add grated apple, a small amount of cheese, a little cinnamon into the yogurt and add some salt, according to your taste.
• Lunch: Bake 150 grams of hake fillets and then add a cucumber and yogurt salad and some mustard.
• Dinner: Add an egg and chopped pepper in 100 grams of pasta, and then mix it with low-fat yogurt.


Whether you are on this diet for one, two or seven days, it will have positive effects on you. Obviously, for only a day or two you will not be able to brag about the lost kilograms, but you will certainly do a great detox of the organism. In order to have flat stomach and lose up to 5 kg, we recommend that you follow the diet for a whole week. The seven day yogurt diet certainly goes along with exercises and physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. With the three day yogurt diet you will not lose more than a few kilograms, but this is a great beginning. If you feel hungry, as a snack you can always eat a light low-fat probiotic yogurt but, you should certainly not exaggerate with it.
Note: Be sure to consult your doctor before you start this diet!

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