3 Natural Ways to Detoxify Your Body

body detoxification

In ancient cultures, people were living in a clean environment and feed with a healthy diet, and regardless of that they regularly made cleanse of their bodies.

Today when the air, water and food are polluted, cleanse is becoming more important. For most people, the body is burdened by digesting a heavy and unhealthy food, especially during the winter when we eat less fruit and vegetables. Besides that, our environment is full of toxins – pesticides and toxic substances are everywhere: in food, water, cosmetics, air, even in the clothes we wear.

Accumulation of toxins in the body over time can cause health problems – from the smallest such as poor digestion and lack of energy, to more serious – such as arthritis, allergies and heart disease. To get rid of toxins and prevent health problems, we should regularly make body cleanse. It will help to restore the natural balance, energy, concentration and positive attitude. But that’s not all – regular detox can prevent many diseases.

You think it’s hard to make body cleanse? Check this three simple ways to detoxify your body that can be applied immediately.

1. Sauna

SaunaIt’s the simplest way for body cleanse that can be applied by anyone. Saunas and spas are already used in many cultures, while sweating and sauna have always been associated with good health and healing process.

It is believed that tradition of sauna use began in ancient Rome, and some data show that the first sauna dates back to the Stone Age. It is obvious that our ancestors enjoyed the benefits of saunas.

How does it works?

Sauna raises body temperature by a few degrees. Hyperthermia or fever kills bacteria, viruses and parasites in the blood and tissues, and stimulates the sweating process.

With perspiration, the body dissolves fat which are often trapped by toxins and with sweating leave our body through the skin. In addition to natural body cleanse, sauna promotes weight loss, improves circulation, relieves stress and improves your skin.

How to use sauna?

For the purpose of body detox, use sauna 2-3 times a week for about 15-30 minutes. Before and after drink more fluids, preferably mineral water.It is not recommended for pregnant women and people who suffers from high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and heart disease.

2. Fasting

FastingFasting is the oldest natural method for body cleanse. There are several types of fasting – fasting with fruits and vegetables, fasting with fresh juices, fasting with water, and even fasting without water.

It detoxifies the body from harmful substances and during this period our digestion, heart and circulatory system are less burdened. It is no wonder that people after fasting feel like they are “born again”.

3. Natural chelates

ChelatesChelates are agents that bind toxins and heavy metals, and then expel them from the body. There are two types of them – synthetic and natural. Among natural chelates most powerful are chlorophyll, coriander, and green clay.

Coriander is one of the strongest chelates in nature. It is an effective and inexpensive way to clean the toxins and heavy metals. So, add coriander in your diet: put a handful of fresh coriander in the soup, salad or vegetable dish.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment that contains green plants – for example, broccoli, algae etc. With the help of chlorophyll, we can easily remove toxins and traces of heavy metals from our body. We can get it from food (increase the intake of green vegetables) or in the form of supplements.

The green clay is one of the most powerful and oldest nutrients for physical recovery. Bath with green clay is a very simple method for body cleanse of toxins and heavy metals.

In the bath filled with warm water, add two cups of green clay. Stay in for about 20 minutes, in this period green clay penetrates in our body through the pores and draws out toxins and heavy metals.

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