3 Warning Signs That Your Body is Dehydrated

Signs That Your Body is DehydratedYou do not need to be an expert to recognize the signs of dehydration, but is sometimes so difficult to understand the reason of the current malaise and bad condition.

Dehydration is a shock to your body and can lead to many complications. It often happens that some people think that they are not dehydrated because they don’t have the feeling of thirst, but there are signs that we will introduce to you right now.

Dehydration is one of the most common obstacles to the exercises, but also when you’re not compensate fluid that you have lose through sweating and urination. This is the reason why doctors always advise to drink plenty of water.

Here are most common signs that your body is dehydrated:


The body loses fluid constantly and with it essential salts that are responsible for the blood count. The more fluid you lose; lower blood pressure falls and causes less oxygen to the brain. Hence the occurrence of headaches and the intensity varies depending on how much water you lose.

Yellow urine

You cannot miss to notice when your urine is very yellow, and it is a sure sign that the salt concentration is higher than normal. This yellow color is a sign for a large concentration of harmful substances and that you should increase the intake of water, but be careful, experts say that also urine shouldn’t be transparent.


Water helps to expel harmful substances through the colon. When there is no water as should be, it is logical to have constipation. Food is a long time retained in the intestines, and therefore can’t be excluded and bloating.

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