4 Foods That Could Save Your Life

turmericSome of the most powerful remedies on the planet have always been hidden in the food and spices. A good part of them are patented and have been used for centuries, nurturing the body, as well as preventing various disease, unlike nowadays with the billions of dollars invested in creating products by companies that works just for profit.

These super foods were worth so much in the ancient times that their value was measured in the weight of gold and entire civilizations.


In fact, it has a few hundreds of healing properties, and one of them is the killing of the tuberculosis, which by the mainstream media was called the white plague. Last year, in a study published by a peer-reviewed scientific journal, it was shown that the garlic is capable of inhibiting a wide range of several remedies resistant to tuberculosis.

The authors concluded that the use of the garlic may be of great importance for the general health.

The garlic has an anti-infective capacity, and as it has been proven, it can inhibit the following pathogens such as Amoeba, Cholera, Clostridium, Cytomegalovirus, Dermatophytosis (a kind of fungal infections), Pneumococcal infections, Herpes simplex virus type 1, Herpes simplex virus type 2, and many others.


The bees produce a wide range of healing substances such as propolis, bee wax, pollen, etc.

The honey is one of the most powerful healing agents of the nature. It prevents bacterial infections, candida (despite the fact that the honey contains sugar, it shows anti-fungal properties), conjunctivitis, dermatitis, diabetic ulcer, herpes associated with ulcers. There are a great number of uses of the honey.


An apple a day keeps the doctors away, especially the specialists for cancer. One of the most established healing benefits of eating apples is the reduction of the colorectal cancer.

With the consumption of a bigger number of apples, it is much less likely to develop this potentially fatal disease.

Here are some health benefits from the apple: it reduces the rate of aging, prevents the allergies, diarrhea, insulin resistance, liver cancer.


This is probably the most important herb in the world, known as the “Golden Goddess” in the ancient Indian healing traditions.

It has more than 500 uses in the prevention of diseases and treatments. Here are some of the diseases that can be prevented by the turmeric:

Oxidative stress, Inflammation, DNA damage, Breast Cancer, Colon cancer, Liver damage, Alzheimer’s disease…

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