40 Foods for Healthy Digestion and a Flat Stomach

40 Foods for Healthy Digestion and a Flat StomachWhat does Kate Moss eat when she needs to have a flat stomach quickly? She and the others who have beautifully shaped bodies, include food in their diet that speeds up the metabolism, has a low calorie value, helps in the elimination of the excess fluids, provides a stable supply of energy and ensures a longer feeling of satiety.

1. Almonds

The almonds, which are full of vitamin E and proteins, are not good only for the skin, but also the high percentage of fiber suppresses the hunger. The study from 2007, conducted at Purdue University, shows that despite the relatively high calorie value of the almonds, they do not contribute to the creation of deposits around the stomach.

2.Green Leafy Vegetables

The fastest way to lose deposits around the stomach? In every meal you should include a serving of leafy green vegetables. Kale, spinach and lettuce have very few calories, offer a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals that do not cause bloating and discomfort associated with other vegetables.


The oats saturates, and if you eat it for breakfast, you provide your body with a stable source of energy. You can also reduce the cholesterol.

4. Olive Oil

Yes, fats can help with the weight loss. Polyunsaturated fats, such as those in the olive oil, prevent the occurrence of feeling hungry, and the oleic acid stimulates the breaking of the accumulated fat in the body.

5. Beans

Each bean has a lot of nutrients, including proteins and fiber. It is low in calories and provides continuous and even amount of energy.

6. Mint

The mint is a well known healing herb. It is particularly useful because it helps the work of the digestive organs. It is best to drink it as tea if it is possible. Try to drink three cups a day. It is also excellent for skin cleansing!

7. Green Tea

The green tea removes the excess fluids, and this reduces the amount of fluids accumulation around the stomach. This tea speeds up the metabolism, which helps in the burning of the accumulated fat.

8. Algae

The algae are useful due to the high amounts of iodine, and the iodine is needed for the creation of the thyroid hormones. With the hormones, the thyroid regulates the metabolism and the speed at which the body burns fat. It also contains minerals that take part in the breaking of the fat around the stomach and help in the elimination of the excess water.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar has been used for detoxification for a long time, and therefore it is good to use it every day. It acts as a kind of digestive tonic because it helps in the elimination of the harmful bacteria.

10. Cranberry Juice

Besides being full of vitamin C, the cranberry juice stimulates the body to get rid of the excessive amounts of water.

11. Asparagus

The asparagus is full of vitamins A, B-complex vitamins, and vitamins C and E. It also contains zinc and potassium, which stimulate the elimination of the excessive fluids as well.

12. Tomatoes

Tasty and full of antioxidants. They soothe the inflammation and help in the elimination of the excess fluids. It is important to note that they have a positive effect on the leptin, which regulates the work of the metabolism.

13. Garlic

This plant kills the harmful bacteria and viruses, and improves the health of the digestive organs. And the healthy intestines are the foundation for achieving a thin waist.

14. Chili

Adding chili in the food is a great way to speed up your metabolism. One hot pepper contains the needed daily amount of beta-carotene (healthy skin, hair and nails), and more than the required amount of vitamin C. This important antioxidant helps in the fight with the toxins and harmful particles that are found in the blood.

15. Bananas

As opposed to what many people believe, the bananas contribute to the weight loss, not weight gain. The big number of minerals and fibers in them provide the body with a continuous supply of energy and help in the elimination of the excess fluids.

16. Watermelon

It is low in calories and high in antioxidants, including vitamin C. The watermelons stimulate the fluid exchange and prevent the swelling.

17. Cucumbers

Believe it or not, the cucumbers are related to the watermelons. That is the reason why they act similar and have a positive effect against accumulation of the excessive fluids.

18. Watercress

The watercress is full of nutrients, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, as well as the minerals manganese, potassium and carotene. This makes it a powerful help in the cleansing, it improves the digestion, while its diuretic properties help to eliminate the toxins and the excess fluids. The watercress is also an excellent source of iodine, which helps the work of the metabolism.

19. Fennel

This root vegetable is rich in vitamin C, potassium and manganese, and it has been used as a remedy for digestive problems for a long time. Thanks to the high content of dietary fibers, it is good for healthy digestion, reduces the swelling in the body, helps in the elimination of toxins and excess fluids. The fennel tea can help to create a sense of satiety.

20. Berries

Small but powerful, the berries are full of antioxidants and fibers – just one cup of raspberries contains incredible 6 grams. In addition, they have a low calorie value. Add a handful of them in each breakfast.

21. Cinnamon

The cinnamon could become a magic powder for removing the fat around the stomach. This spice helps in the regulation of the blood sugar levels, and some studies show that the cinnamon extract makes fat cells more sensitive to insulin.

22. Lemongrass

It is the key ingredient in many South East Asian dishes, it has anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system, and it improves the circulation. It is believed that it helps in the elimination of the excess fats in the body. This plant looks like grass, with the scent it is similar to the mint, while with the taste it is similar to the lemon.

23. Ginger

Why do they offer ginger with sushi? For centuries, this spice has been used for good digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants. It also contains the enzyme zingibain, which helps in the digestion of proteins.

24. Artichokes

They are rich in fiber, speed up the digestion and reduce the bloating.

25. Brown Rice

Those who want a flat stomach should eat complex carbohydrates that are rich in proteins and vitamins, and all of this is contained in the brown rice.

26. Avocado

The avocado soothes the digestive system and it also contains potassium, which helps to regulate the fluid balance, and magnesium, which prevents constipation.

27. Quinoa

Did you know that when Kate Moss wants to get the desired shape quickly, instead of cereal she eats quinoa for breakfast? Namely, the whole quinoa grains contain an excellent combination of proteins, fibers, B vitamin and complex carbohydrates.

28. Couscous

The couscous is always a great choice. When you get bored of the whole wheat pasta, reach for couscous. It will keep a stable blood sugar level and provide a feeling of satiety.

29. Sunflower Seeds

They contain plenty of dietary fibers, which could prolong the feeling of satiety. At the same time they ease the digestion. They are full of vitamin E, proteins and complex carbohydrates.

30. Pistachios

Along with the almonds, the pistachios are the best nuts that can help you to have a flat stomach. Compared to the other nuts, they contain the least calories and fats, while they are a good source of proteins, fibers and important vitamins and minerals.

31. Yogurt

The natural yogurt, without sugar, reduces the bloating because it contains bacteria that help the digestion.

32. Mackerel

It contains a lot of proteins, and a little “bad” fat. It is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which is good for the brain health. So, slim and smart? That sounds good.

33. Salmon

Just like the mackerel, the salmon is also an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Grill it or steam it and serve it with a slice of lemon and asparagus.

34. Papaya

The papaya contains the natural enzyme papain, which helps in the processing of proteins. It also sooths the bloating.

35. Pineapple

Similar to the papaya, the pineapple also contains a digestive enzyme that helps in the easing of the bloating, soothes the stomach, and even relieves the heartburn. In addition, it causes a longer feeling of satiety.

36. Black Pepper

Are you looking for an easy way to prevent the bloating and discomfort after eating? Add a little freshly ground pepper in the meal. It stimulates the healthy digestion, and helps in the reducing of the bloating as well.

37. Celery

It contains very few calories and helps in the elimination of the harmful substances from the body.

38. Lens

The lens can help you to have a flat stomach. It contains a number of nutrients, including fibers, complex carbohydrates and proteins.

39. Peppers

The red peppers, similar to the related to them hot chili peppers, have a good effect on the digestion, while at the same time they speed up the metabolism. The red peppers are full of vitamin C and provide a feeling of satiety.

40. Peanuts

You should eat them between meals, and you will prevent the overeating. Make sure that you eat only those from the shell, and not the fried and salty ones.

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