5 Habits That Lead to Depression and How to Get Rid of Them

5 Habits That Lead to Depression and How to Get Rid of ThemVery often, people inadvertently lead themselves into depression. The psychologists give the main reasons – our bad habits, and you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

The Habit of Feeling Sorry for Yourselves

In the difficult times, the thought that comes to you is: “I am good and I did not deserve to have this kind of problems. ..” The psychologists say that self-pity reduces the stress, but it does not fight with it, it does not remove it, but it brings it even deeper into you. It is a very negative feeling, which makes you to become addicted to it very quickly. It takes away your strength and destroys your mental protection. If you fight the problems with self-pity, it means that you have let them win you in the beginning.

Advice: There is no room for self-pity in the moments of stress. You should be armed to fight with the problems and gather all you spiritual strength. It is important to remember the victories in life so far, no matter how small they were.

Feeling Unsatisfied of the Job You Hate

In everyday life, you are often forced to do jobs that you cannot stand. The dissatisfaction for each upcoming report you should write for your bosses, because you have to work during the holidays, or washing the dishes, takes you directly into the disease.

Advice: The active movement towards the set goal is one of the best ways to beat the stress. Eliminate the negative thoughts, gather strength and go to work. Promise yourself a reward for every finished work. Look forward to the moments when the job remains behind you. There is a saying: “Do not count the wounds from the fight, celebrate the victory!”

Remembering Unpleasant Memories

It happens that our loved ones do not always act nice to us. The problems come if you drag on your back this heavy and dirty crate with old insults for years. Carefully collecting and storing all the events that have once hurt you, inevitably makes you a real life loser. Under this burden, you expect the inevitable disappointment of the new meetings and relationships.

Advice: Remembering bad things lead to illness. Therefore, do not bring the bad history in your future. Forgive those who have hurt you once, burn “the crate with insults” and move on with the life.

The Constant Need to Compare You with the Others

This comes from your insecurity. The constant desire to keep up with others, in relation to wealth, personal happiness, career etc., keeps you tense and dissatisfied. Then, even your own successes are not good enough and do not bring you joy.

Advice: Negative thoughts and jealousy lead you to a disease. Every victory of the successful people is a reason for our depression; their defeat fills you with mean thoughts and hurt you as a boomerang. Get rid of this bad habit; turn to yourself and your life.

Punishing Yourselves

This habit is often formed in the early childhood. The adults suggest you that you are inadequate, bad, worse than the others, and that you will never achieve anything. Later in life, the strong personalities are able to fight this complex and to adequately assess their actions. And those who are dependent and weak, underestimate and punish themselves. The self-punishment is a dangerous habit. It humiliates you, prevents you to develop and to think positively. It leads to severe depression.

Advice: You should be fair to say to yourself: “I am not right, but I will try to fix it.” But you must not tell yourself, “I am stupid and incompetent to do anything! ” Find the strength to correct your mistakes and to go through life with your head up.

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