5 Tips That Really Help in Prevention of Diabetes

Prevention of DiabetesThe change of the lifestyle and the diet could be the main step towards the prevention of diabetes – although it is difficult, it is not too late!

When we talk about the most common type of diabetes – type 2 diabetes, the prevention is really important. If you are in a risk group (family amnesia, over-weight, high blood pressure, poor diet), taking preventive steps is a priority for you!

The prevention of diabetes is based on a healthy diet, physical activity and loss of excess weight – and it is never too late for changes. Consider these tips provided by the American Diabetes Association, and are given by the webpage mayoclinic.org.

Methods of prevention of diabetes:

1. Be physically active

The physical activity brings many benefits that affect your health:

  • Weight loss
  • Control of the blood sugar
  • Strengthening of the insulin sensitivity

Researchers have shown that both aerobic and resistance exercises help in the control of the diabetes, but the best results are reached with the combination of these two types of exercises.

2. Increase the fiber intake

This is not the most difficult step, but read what this change will do for your health:

  • Reduces the chances of developing diabetes, better control of the blood sugar
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases
  • Due to the effects of the fibers you will not feel hungry for a longer period

Foods that are rich in fiber include fruits, vegetables, peas, seeds and nuts.

3. Include whole grains in the diet

Although it is not entirely clear why, the whole grains may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and help in the regulation of the blood sugar levels. There are many available foods that contain whole grains such as some types of bread, pasta.

4. Try to lose weight

If you are overweight, the prevention of diabetes may depend on the loss of weight. Every lost kilogram can affect your health so much that you will be surprised. The participants of a large study that have lost about 7 percent of their body weight by doing exercises regularly, reduced the chances of developing diabetes by almost 60 percent!

5. Avoid fast diets and choose a healthy diet

The fast diets will initially help you to lose weight, but the prevention of diabetes is based on changing the habits and constant use of healthy foods. Make a diet plan and stick to it without big variations.

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