6 Foods That Slim Women Use Every Day

6 Foods That Slim Women Use Every DayThe following foods are on the list of the slim women, so why would not they be on yours as well?

If you want to eliminate the excess weight, it would be wise to add the following foods on your menu. This process does not require a special effort – it is enough to have some will.


Yes, it is not food, but drinking water helps you not to “confuse” the thirst for hunger. And, if you drink it cold, it can help you to speed up the metabolism. You can also prepare natural flavored water – add seasonal fruits or herbs. The taste? Fantastic!

Dark Chocolate

Yes, it is true. Why? Because the regular consumption of dark chocolate helps you not to eat too much sweets when you feel the need for something sweet. And, to be clear, this doesn’t mean that you should eat chocolate all day, whenever you want! No, far from it. Only 30 grams of dark chocolate (containing 75% cocoa or more), is the recommended daily dose.


They are great because they can help you to feel full for a longer period. One cup of raspberries contains eight grams of fiber, and they also contain water (85%), so you do not need to worry about dehydration during the hot summer days.


If you usually eat carbohydrates for breakfast, you should try with proteins. The eggs increase the feeling of satiety, which lowers the total energy intake. Women who take higher amounts of protein during breakfast feel more satisfied and are less likely to reach for an unhealthy snack later during the day. In fact, the high-protein breakfast can keep you away from the intake of 200 extra calories in the evening.


You can always eat a lot of vegetables, because it does not contain a lot of calories. The spinach is especially good, because it contains iron which helps to maintain the energy levels in the body, which enables you to make better choices in the diet. The iron is also essential for the transport of the oxygen to the cells and they use it for creating energy and burning fat. You should combine it with vitamin C (natural, of course) and the body will absorb this mineral better.


They are excellent because they satisfy the need for something crunchy and salty, and they also contain only a few calories.

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