6 Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Liver

6 Natural Ways to Cleanse Your LiverThe liver is like a maid to the body. For this reason, you must know how to keep it healthy, because your whole health depends on its health.

You should drink at least two liters of water a day, to breathe deeply, to be relaxed. Also, you should shower for three minutes with hot water, and then with cold water for thirty seconds, because it stimulates the blood pressure, and does a small detox. In addition to these small tips, you should carefully read what kind of food you are supposed to eat in order to naturally maintain the healthy liver.

Warm water with lemon

This is a great way to detox. This should become a routine for you, to drink warm water with lemon every morning. No, this is not lemonade, and therefore do not add sugar or anything else.


Add a little garlic in the cooking, or chop a garlic clove in the salad. It activates the enzymes, and activates the natural shield of the liver.

Green tea

It washes and cleanses the liver from toxins, protects against congestion, and this organ is in its full function with the green tea.


The Japanese scientists have discovered that the avocado contains compounds that protect the liver from damage.


You can add it in almost all dishes, and it removes the heavy metals, which significantly eases the work of the liver.


It does not only protect, but also accelerates the regeneration of the liver cells.

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