7 Foods for Healthy Hair and Nails

7 Foods for Healthy Hair and NailsDo you want to discover the secret for shiny and healthy hair? Be careful what you eat and you have discovered it…

The nutritionist Dani James explains that the food enriched with vitamins and other nutrients stimulates the proteins in the hair, and at the same time cleans and protects the hairs.

We bring you some foods that can help you to have a healthy, strong and shiny hair. Bonus: This food is also excellent for the eyelashes and the nails as well.

1. Brown Rice

This type of rice is rich in biotin, vitamin B7, which affects the elasticity of the hair and protects your hair from breaking. When you start to consume brown rice more often, you slowly rebuild the hair follicle and stimulate the renewal of the hair cell, which helps the hair to become thicker and firmer.

2. Organic Eggs

Eggs are rich in zinc, sulfur and choline – a substance from the group of B vitamins. The zinc regulates the oil mass in the follicle, the sulfur strengthens the hair, and the choline improves the flexibility.

3. Figs

This fruit contains a lot of iron, which improves the circulation and stimulates the hair growth. The insufficient iron is one of the most common problems that every woman faces when they start to lose hair, so the diet with figs is a fast and effective way to restore the thickness and strength of the hair.

4. Grapefruit

A natural elixir for your hair, it contains vitamin C which is essential for the collagen, which protects and regenerates the hair roots.

5. Kale

This green vegetable is rich in magnesium and carotenoids, which protect the cells that form the hairs.

6. Olives

The olives have been used in the diet for a thousand years, mostly for health reasons. Rich in vitamin E, which increases the blood flow to the hair follicle, the olives stimulate the growth and vitality of the hair. The olive oil is especially great for shiny and delicate hair that does not break at the ends.

7. Purple Cabbage

What do the blueberries and purple cabbage have in common? Anthocyanin. This pigment makes the hair strong and resistant by reducing its dryness that occurred after the exposure to the sun, but also after the use of chemicals that are found in some shampoos.

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