7 Reasons To Love the Beetroot

BeetrootIt is not only delicious, but the beetroot is storage of healthy nutrient as well. This vegetable contains a small amount of calories (44 kcal / 100 g) and a high percentage of good carbohydrates and minerals that will give us a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Take a couple of slices of beetroot with some olive oil and garlic and your immune system will be able to fight against all harmful microorganisms. We give you 7 reasons why you should love the beetroot:

1. It lowers the high blood pressure

A recent study has shown that a glass of beetroot juice is more effective in lowering the high blood pressure than many medications. Of course, that does not mean you should stop taking your medications, but it means that you should include this vegetable in your diet if you have problems with high blood pressure and the heart.

2. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Based on the multiple healing properties, this vegetable is consisted of betanin and betaine that maintain the blood vessels in good condition, stimulate the liver, cure colds and protect against viruses.

3. Increases the endurance during exercising

Every vegetable is good for the heart, which means that if you eat vegetables you will be able to do more and better exercises, but in this particular case, the beetroot is an excellent choice because, compared to other vegetables, it increases the endurance by 16%. The combination of ingredients from the beetroot widens the blood vessels more than any other vegetable, which allows more oxygen-rich blood to reach the heart.

4. It has anti-cancer properties

Anthocyanin pigment which gives the red color of the beetroot, acts on the suppression of malignant diseases, reduces the tumor cells, and the affected tissue returns to its normal cellular structure. In addition, the fibers that the beetroot contains help the body to detect and remove abnormal cells before they become cancerous.

5. Improves the immunity

Among other ingredients, the beetroot also contains high amounts of vitamin C, which is, as we all know, the first of the vitamins that the body needs to remain resistant to viruses that lurk. The beetroot stimulates the liver, regenerates blood, cleans the body and it is excellent for digestion.

6. It is good for pregnant women

The beetroot is rich in vitamins B complex, and mostly with folic acid, which makes it an excellent food for pregnant women.

7. It is good against anemia

The first advice that every doctor will give you in the diagnosis of iron deficiency, is to include the beetroot in your diet. Due to that mineral, it is extremely useful in the treatment of anemia in children and young people.

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