8 Ways For Treating Inflamed Gums at Home

8 Ways For Treating Inflamed Gums at HomeFor the treatment of inflammation of the gums (stomatitis), use the following home remedies:

1. Grate raw potatoes and apply them on the inflamed gums.

2. Rinse your mouth with freshly squeezed carrot juice three times a day. You should dilute the juice with water in ratio 1:1.

3. Chew fresh leaves of aloe or kalanchoe.

4. You can also rinse your mouth with fresh cabbage juice. You should dilute the juice with water in ratio 1:1.

5. Make a tincture of St. John’s wort as follows:

Mix St. John’s wort with 40% alcohol in a jar, in ratio 1: 5. Before usin it, you should keep the mixture in a sealed jar for two weeks. This is an anti-inflammatory mouthwash. Put 30-40 drops in a cup of water and rinse your mouth.

6. Pour 1 cup of water over 15-20 grams of chamomile flowers. Let it sit, then strain it and add 4 g of boric acid powder. It is used as an anti-inflammatory agent and an antiseptic mouthwash.

7. Prepare calendula tea as follows: pour 1 cup of boiling water over one tablespoon of calendula flowers. Boil it on low heat for 10 minutes, and strain it. It is used as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, and regenerative mouthwash.

8. Grind three large cloves of garlic and mix them with 2 teaspoons of yogurt. You should keep the mixture in the mouth and use the tongue to apply it on the painful areas. Repeat this several times during a few days.

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