9 Simple Remedies Against Mosquito Bites

9 Simple Remedies Against Mosquito BitesWe usually treat mosquito bites with creams and sprays that contain various chemicals, but there are natural products that have equally good effect as well.

In addition to being healthier, you will not have additional cost because you probably have some of the products in your home.


1. Milk and water

Mix equal amounts of skim milk and water, and soak a handkerchief, or any other similar item, in the mixture(for example, an old shirt) and gently touch the affected area.

2. Ice

Only one ice cube can compress the veins, which reduces the release of histamine in the body, which means that it will itch less.

3. Vinegar

Due to the low level of acidity, the vinegar, especially the apple cider vinegar, is an excellent home remedy that prevents the itching. Apply it on the area of the bite and soon you will feel relieved. If there are a lot of bites, make a bath in which you should add two to three cups of vinegar in the warm water.

4. Tea bags

The used and cooled tea bags absorb the liquid from the bite and thus reduce the itching and swelling.

5. Toothpaste

The peppermint, or its ingredient menthol, which is contained in almost every toothpaste, cools the skin and thus reduces the itching. In addition, the toothpaste contains ingredients that reduce the swelling.

6. Honey

If you do not mind to be a little sticky, the honey is the perfect helper in preventing the inflammation and redness of the bites, and it will also reduce the need for itching.

7. Juice of lemon or lime

These fruit “energizers” provide a relief from the itching and have an antibacterial effect, but you should use them only when you are not exposed to direct sunlight, because the lemon juice or the lime juice on the skin in combination with the sunlight can cause burns.

8. Basil

The basil contains camphor, which has a similar effect as the menthol in the toothpaste, it cools the skin. Crush a few basil leaves and apply them on the bites.

9. Essential oils

The tea tree oil, lavender oil and coconut oil reduce the itching, the pain and the swelling after a mosquito bite, and the tea tree oil has antibacterial effect and therefore, it helps to prevent infections that may occur if you are constantly itching. Before you apply the essential oil on the skin, it is obligatory to consult a pharmacist or a dermatologist, because some oils are too strong and you should mix them with water before you use them.

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