Acai Berries – Antioxidant No. 1

Acai BerriesEver since Oprah Winfrey revealed in her show that her youthful appearance and vitality are mainly due to acai berries, this fruit of the Amazon palm tree has become popular in America.

Although dietary supplements of acai berries are expensive, the craze for them does not stop. If we can trust the nutritionists, this time it is not just propaganda.

They say that this palm fruit is No. 1 on the charts of known antioxidants.

They keep the health and vitality

These dark purple, almost black berries, similar to blueberries, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and they are a rich source of calcium and iron. For example, 100 grams of the fruit powder is an energy bomb with 533.9 calories. This amount contains 52.2 g of carbohydrates, 8.1 g of protein, 32.5 percent of unsaturated fatty acids, 260 mg of calcium and 4.4 mg of iron. The proponents of the acai berries claim that, due to this fantastic antioxidant they brought back their slim body line, health and vitality.

In fact, acai berries have such a combination of essential fatty acids, amino acids and phytosterols that stimulate the metabolism, improve the digestion and reduce the appetite. They are great for detoxification of the body and improving of the immune system. The acai berry products improve the mental health and eyesight and eliminate insomnia.

Old Folk Remedy

In Brazil, Peru and Columbia, where the palm trees grow in those Amazon swamps, these acai berries have existed for centuries. In the folk medicine of that South American region, the parts they use from this type of palm are: the root, the bark, the fruit, the oil…

Even today, in the villages along the coast, they make remedy against hepatitis, malaria and diabetes from the palm bark. Products made from the root are used to treat liver and lungs diseases and to ease painful menstrual periods. From the grinded acai seeds they make bandages against fever, and the palm oil is used to stop diarrhea. The berries are used in the production of very popular, high-quality red wine.

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