Aloe Vera – The elixir of Life

aloe vera plantAloe Vera is one of the most healing plants on our planet and is considered as one of the best detox foods which humanity has been used for centuries. This plant has been known 5000 years ago in India, where it has been used in Ayurveda as ghrita Kumari (that which nourishes and brings longevity). Its healing properties also were known by Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, King Solomon, Celsius, Dioskorides, and others.

This plant over the centuries was called “miraculous plants”, “elixir of life” and “plant of life”.

Christopher Columbus liked to say: “There are four plants that are necessary for a man: wheat, grapes, olive and aloe. First nourishes, second provides the joy of the heart, the third provides the harmony and the fourth makes a man healthy.”

Composition of aloe vera is really incredible. In fact it contains even more than 240 nutritional and medicinal ingredients, which explains the secret of its curative powers. Its boosts immunity, helps with asthma and allergies, protects against cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fights with bacteria, viruses and parasites … And that’s just the beginning of a long list of its healing properties.

The leaves of this plant contain bitter yellow fluid – aloe vera gel, which has miraculous properties. In the past the healing properties of this plant was considered as confidential. Today, scientific studies reveal a rich chemical composition which explains its remarkable properties.

Aloe Vera juice contains about 240 nutritional and medicinal ingredients: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, amino acids, enzymes, etc.

It is well known how this plant makes wonders for our skin: it helps with burns, insect bites, allergic skin rash, acne, sores, eczema, etc. This exquisite plant prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi and accelerates cell regeneration. This is why so successfully prevents skin problems and accelerate the wound healing process.

15 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

This plant has a wide range of effects, and it is applied for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Aloe Vera…

  1. Helps with colitis, diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome,
  2. Regulates digestion and stomach acidity, helps with heartburn and abdominal pain,
  3. Cleans the blood and removes harmful toxins from the body,
  4. Regulates blood sugar levels,
  5. Speeds up the metabolism and helps with weight loss,
  6. Improves circulation,
  7. Accelerates the healing tissue,
  8. Regulate blood pressure and preventing diseases of the blood vessels,
  9. Strengthens the immune system,
  10. Prevents the growth of tumor cells,
  11. Reduces inflammation and swelling,
  12. Relieves the symptoms of asthma and allergies,
  13. Helps with eye diseases: cataract, trachoma, glaucoma, corneal inflammation, etc,
  14. Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites,
  15. Help with quitting smoking, alcohol and drugs

Aloe Vera is one of the “discoveries” of modern medicine. In recent years, science has confirmed and even expanded many claims about the healing properties of this plant.

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