Ayurvedic Method to Cleanse Your Body Naturally by Using Only One Ingredient

Ayurvedic Method to Cleanse Your Body NaturallyDid you know that the body has only two ways to get rid of the toxins? One is through the colon, and the second one is through the salivary glands. However, it is necessary to stimulate the glands.

About five thousand years ago, in the Ayurvedic writings, a method of gargling vegetable oil in the mouth has been described. This ancient Indian recipe, was proved to be very effective many times, so it makes sense to devote a little attention to it.

How to gargle the oil?

It should be noted that you need cold-pressed oil, sunflower, sesame or olive oil, and the treatment is very simple. Simply gargle the oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, then spit it out and rinse your mouth with water or tea. You should do the gargling in the morning on an empty stomach for preventive purposes, and for treatment you should do it three times a day before meals.

During the gargling, through the salivary glands runs several liters of blood, which then releases the toxic substances.

It is important to note that you must spit out the oil after the gargling, because it has picked up all the toxins from the saliva. Since it has eliminated the toxins, the organism begins to effectively fight the disease and thus it can be cured of many diseases, it just takes time.

For acute diseases the treatment lasts for about a week, and for chronic diseases it lasts from several months to a year, with regular gargling therapy. After several days of gargling, it would be also good to have a massage and thus move the toxins that are deposited in the muscles.

After some time, when the organism has adjusted to it, you can shorten the time of gargling, but not to less than 10 minutes.

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