Best Natural Home Remedy for Stomach Ulcer

Heal Ulcer NaturallyPeptic ulcer (ulcus ventriculi) is a damage of the gastric mucosa, mainly at the end of the stomach and in the upper third, which penetrates deeply into the stomach wall. If the wall is breached, then the juices, that regulate the digestion, and stomach contents penetrate into the abdominal cavity and may further cause peritonitis.

If the ulcer breaks a blood vessel, it causes bleeding in the stomach. Then a medical help is needed. It is possible to have several ulcers in the stomach at the same time. The typical sign of the presence of peptic ulcer is the pressure that occurs in the stomach after eating. If the ulcer occurs frequently, there is a risk of stomach cancer.

Ulcers are caused by different factors: psychosocial stress, excessive secretion of acid in the stomach, blood circulation disorder, different drugs (cortisone, some medicines for rheumatism and circulation). The risk of this disease is higher in smokers and in people who work on shifts and in certain professions (for example in transport, trade, chemical industry). The rapid pace of our modern world and the unhealthy lifestyles, encourage stomach ulcers.

Plantain (Plantago major) is highly healing plant. When it is grind it is easier to digest and discharge all the juices that are beneficial to the organism. The autumn is the season when the Plantain is the most healing. Therefore, we recommend this natural remedy which you can prepare by yourselves at home. It is easy to prepare it, and certainly cures peptic and duodenal ulcer.

The Recipe:

Ingredients for one person:

– 300g of plantain leaves
– 1kg of clover honey

You need about 30 minutes to prepare this remedy.

1. Wash the plantain leaves and leave them on a paper towel in order to dry. Grind them with a meat grinder.
2. Mix them with the clover honey in a jar and let it sit during the night.

Tip:You need to grind the leaves, and add the same amount of honey as the amount you get after the grinding. Sometimes it is less, and sometimes it is more than one kilogram. You should choose the younger leaves. You will get about 2 jars of 680 ml of the mixture.

How to use: Take one tablespoon in the morning before the meal, until you finish the whole amount. Keep it in the refrigerator.

It can be used for healing: ulcers, cough, wounds…

Note: You can prevent the formation of the ulcer, if you drink 2 dl of water in the morning, on an empty stomach.

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