Birch Tea – Natural Cure for Kidney Stones

Birch Tea – Natural Cure for Kidney StonesThere are two types of birch: white or common birch and flowering or northern birch. Both types of birch have the same healing value.

In order to prepare the cure you need the sap, the leaves and the bark. The sap is collected at the end of February and March, and the leaves are collected during the entire vegetation. The bark is collected in spring and autumn. The bud contains large amounts of essential oil, but not vitamin C which is concentrated in the leaves. The essential oil from the bud has a positive effect on the airways.

The birch leaf is one of the best herbal remedies for treating the urinary tract. It has been established that it stimulates the secretion of urine 5-6 times more. The tea made from the leaves helps in the healing of the affected organ, or it prevents those organs that suffer primarily from the collecting of unnecessary water in the body (kidneys, bladder, liver, joints etc.).

You should not drink the birch tea very often, because there are other herbs with similar healing effect on the urine, but the birch tea is recommended for dissolving of kidney stones and getting rid of them painlessly.

The tea prepared from birch leaves is often recommended to people who suffer from diabetes, in its initial stage. You should drink 2-3 cups, in small sip, without any sweeteners.

The birch leaves are also very effective in the treatment of skin diseases, and they are also used as healing bath. It also eliminates the protein in the urine and purifies the blood. The tea prepared from the leaves and tassels of the birch eliminates the acids form the organism, heals fever, rheumatism and edema.

Recipe for urological tea against inflammation of the kidneys

Birch leaf (20%), rupturewort (5%), corn silk (15%), blueberry leaf (10%), marjoram (15%), nettle leaf (15%), elder leaf (20%).

This is how you should prepare and drink the tea:

Take one tablespoon of the mixture and pour 2 dl of cold water, cover the pot and heat it until it starts boiling, let it sit for one hour and then strain it. You should drink 2 dl of the tea without any sweeteners, three times a day after the meals.

Note: Before You decide to drink birch tea, consult your doctor.

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