Celebrities Are Crazy About the Diet 80/20! Find Out Why

The 80/20 principle is not a diet but a change in the way of eating that can cause a significant weight loss. The people who have already tried some strict diets claim to these new rules teach them about moderation and balance, the concept that does not exist in the fast diets.

Celebrities Are Crazy About the Diet 80/20! Find Out Why

When you practice 80/20, you have the possibility to go out with your friends on dinners, but the important thing is that the whole  long-term procedure of healthy living is easy.

The key to the success is very simple, 80% of the time you have to be focused on a healthy diet, and 20 percent of the time you have the freedom to enjoy in whatever you want. But do not bother yourselves with mathematics, if you eat three meals a day, three meals a week account for 20 percent of your “cheating” meals. But if you eat five small meals a day, then you are allowed to make mistakes seven times a week.

If you are afraid that you will lose control, you should know that Hollywood is full of successful stories of people who followed the principle of 80/20. Jessica Alba’s trainer commented that Jessica maintains her healthy weight in this way, because it is very difficult to be “vigilant” 100 percent of the time, but 80 percent is very easy to do.

The supermodel Miranda Kerr also explained that 80/20 did wonders for her relationship with the food, and she no longer feels guilty when she “cheats”. “The food is my friend, and the key is consistency. I believe that everything that is moderate is the best option,” says Miranda, and we totally agree.

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