Chamomile – Natural Medicine From the Ancient Times

The scents from the childhood, sun-drenched fields of yellow flowers, grandma’s hands that pick the flowers … pleasant associations to the well-known soothing chamomile plant. But, are we really aware of its magical powers?

chamomile flowersChamomile is one of the most common plants. Its flowers are often used to prepare tea which is not good only for its healing purposes but it also represents an everyday pleasure, and as an addition it enriches almost every other product by improving the effects of the other plants.

The chamomile is so well known that even doctors recommend it. Its value and healing properties were also well known in the biblical countries, the old Greece and the ancient Egypt. The Egyptian noblewomen used its flowers in various beauty products and Greek doctors used it for healing fever and women diseases.

They say that the chamomile recreates the nature and that very often it heals the sick plants that grow around it. This plant grows best in a place where the soil is light. It is planted in autumn or spring, and you should pick the flowers in June, in the morning, after the dew. Then you should dry them in a shady place.

Did you know that only two out of five types of chamomile are healing?

It belongs to the family Asteraceae and there are five types of it. Only two types of chamomile are used for healing: German or wild chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), which comes from Europe and northwest Asia, and Roman or garden chamomile (Chamaemelum Nobile). Both of them have a similar chemical composition, but the Roman chamomile has less healing effects and contains more bitter substances that give the tea a bitter taste. This plant contains calcium, sulfur, resin, bitter substances, tannin, gum which is an essential oil of dark blue color.

For healing purposes you should use only the flowers of the plant which are picked on sunny and warm days during June and July, when the chamomile blossoms. Besides, the chamomile is an extremely safe plant that can be used for several years if you keep it properly.

Healing Properties

  • Contains apigenin and herniarin that soothe cramps and colic
  • Anti-inflammatory in staphylococci, candida, arthritis, different types of inflammation and ulcers because it contains the valuable ingredients bisabolol and chamazulene
  • Allergenic for hay-fever, asthma
  • Antiseptic
  • Soothing
  • As a digestive stimulant
  • As a mild analgesic
  • Helps with menstrual cramps
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Helps with problems with the skin
  • Protects the skin from the UV radiation and reduces the wrinkles
  • Improves the liver function
  • Strengthens the hair, prevents the loss of hair
  • Helps with the healing of the wounds
  • Heals rhinitis

Best Home Uses of Chamomile

Coatings for lowering the body temperature

Take one full tablespoons of fresh or dried chamomile flowers and pour ¼ liter of boiling water over them, then keep it like that for a while and strain the mixture in order to prepare a warm coating. The chamomile coatings are used for lowering the body temperature, against dark circles under the eyes and eye infections, for quick healing of wounds and for washing of private parts in case of inflammation and irritation.

Baths against bladder inflammation

Pour a liter of boiling water over 100 g of chamomile. Strain this and dilute it with 30 liters of hot water. This bath heals the constipation, bladder inflammation, stomach problems and hemorrhoids. You should take baths like this every day in the evening and then stay warm.

Cure rheumatism with the oil

Take a container of 1 liter, fill it with chamomile flowers and pour with 1 liter of high-quality oils, for example olive oil. Leave it like that for two weeks, and then strain it into a glass bottle, close it and keep it in a dark place. You can use the oil for a long time and it is excellent for treating and relieving the symptoms caused by rheumatism, joint pains and fever. Due to its calming effect, it is recommended to those who suffer from bronchitis and asthma. You can use this oil to treat the changes that can appear on the skin, such as inflammation and allergies.

It also helps with pimples, acne, it is good for the scalp and eliminates the dandruff as well.

Essential oil for headache and depression

The chamomile essential oil is used in aromatherapy to ease the symptoms of headaches, menstrual problems and menopause symptoms, for allergies, burns, to lower the body temperature and to ease depression. You can add it in baths, scented lamps and for inhalation.

Tincture for hemorrhoids

The chamomile tincture has a soothing effect on the discomfort caused by external hemorrhoids. Take a dark bottle, put 10 grams of dried chamomile flowers and pour 1 dl of 70% alcohol. Close it well and leave in a cold place for four weeks. You should occasionally shake the bottle. Strain it through linen gauze folded several times and pour it into another dark bottle. You should apply it on the affected area before going to bed and after showering with cold water.

Make your own shampoo

The chamomile shampoo is recommended for women with blond hair because it will highlight their color, nourish the scalp and give shine to the hair. Now you can prepare it at home. It takes only a few steps and your hair will shine.


  • 4 chamomile tea bags
  • Half a cup of boiling water
  • Half a cup of baby shampoo or chopped soap

Put the tea bags in boiling water and put it aside for half an hour in order to cool. Add the baby shampoo or the soap. Stir the paste until it becomes smooth without lumps. Apply this shampoo on your hair just like any other shampoo.

To stop the hair loss

Nowadays many people face the problem of hair loss, but there is a solution. Although a cup of hot chamomile tea soothes you inside, this plant heals you from the outside as well. If you have problems with hair loss, you can use this tea, but a little bit stronger.

In order to prepare it you should take 5 tablespoons of chamomile, pour a liter of boiling water, strain it after ten minutes and let it cool to the temperature that is good for you to wash your hair. You should repeat thisevery time you wash the hair.

Tea to ease the cramps

For the adults you should prepare a strong chamomile tea. Take two tablespoons of fresh or dried flowers, pour 3 dl of boiling water over them and keep it covered for one hour. You should not boil the tea because the chamomile contains essential oils that evaporate during the boiling, and thus it loses the valuable ingredient.

For infants and small children you should prepare mild tea in order to sooth and eliminate the cramps.

Say goodbye to the menopause

Once in a lifetime, most women have to face the very unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The chamomile is helpful here as well. Every morning and evening, take a large cup, put 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers, 1 teaspoon of dried bitter clover and 1 teaspoon of dried valerian.

Pour boiling water over this mixture and let it sit for an hour. Sweeten it with honey and drink it twice a day. This tea is very effective for soothing and eliminating the symptoms of menopause.

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