Cold Hands or Feet Are Signs of These Health Problems

Cold Hands or Feet Are Signs of These Health ProblemsIf your hands and feet are often cold, and you have already gotten used to it, maybe it is time to ask yourselves if there is something more behind it.

Namely, cold fingers and toes are quite common, especially in women and it does not have to mean anything significant. However, it can also be a sign of more serious health problems.

Here are the four most common health problems:


Besides the cold fingers and toes you often feel exhausted, headaches and fatigue – in case this happens, it is time to check your blood count because you may have lack of iron. It is the main component of hemoglobin, the molecule that transports oxygen in the blood and gives the red color to it. Therefore, the cold hands and feet may be a sign of anemia.


Except that your hands are often cold, sometimes you feel tingling in your hands and feet – it may be the first signs of diabetes. The consequences may affect the blood count, but the nervous system as well. Apart from the aforementioned symptoms, frequent symptoms might be thirst, hunger and a good appetite as a result of which you do not get fat and do not lose weight. If this is the case, you should check your blood sugar level.


The slow work of the thyroid gland leads to a slower metabolism, and it is often accompanied by cold hands and feet. Fatigue, reluctance, frequent sleepiness, slow body movements and poor tolerance of high temperatures are unmistakable signs of this disorder.


The stress can also cause cold hands and feet. It stimulates the adrenalin which in turn narrows the blood vessels and slows down the circulation and therefore, your hands and feet are cold.

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