Discover All Advantages of Peppermint Oil

The essential peppermint oil has very interesting indications for use which are supported by numerous clinical studies. It was officially approved as a cure, which is taken orally against: bloating, irritable bowel, cold and cough.

  • It eliminates the bloating, cramps, gas, eases the digestion
  • It is scientifically proven that it eases the symptoms of irritable bowel (IBS)
  • It stimulates the creation and secretion of bile, helps the digestion
  • It helps in the dissolving of stones in the gallbladder
  • It eliminates the bad breath
  • It prevents nausea and vomiting, especially nausea during driving
  • It removes the accumulated stress, improves your mood
  • It is ideal for studying – awakens and increases the concentration
  • It helps with the breathing in laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis
  • It solves the problem with greasy hair, removes the dandruff

It must be a part of your home pharmacy

Discover All Advantages of Peppermint OilThe scent of the peppermint essential oil refreshes, regenerates and it is mentally stimulating. It is light and clean, and has an antiseptic, refreshing, analgesic effect. It increases the immunity, soothes inflammation, and lowers the temperature. The peppermint is especially effective in the treatment of digestive disorders.

The peppermint oil relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract, relieves cramps and releases gases. The menthol from the peppermint helps the digestion by stimulating the flow of the digestive juices and bile. Also, the menthol from the peppermint oil helps in the dissolving of stones in the gallbladder. By rubbing it on the skin, the peppermint essential oil eases the pain, and it is used against muscle pain, insect bites and itching.

The menthol stimulates the nerves which are receptors for cold (causing cooling feeling) and at the same time soothes those which are connected to the experience of pain. In case of colds, it reduces inflammation of the nasal canal, and the inhalation of the menthol from the peppermint eases the breathing.

It is used for colds, coughs, sore throat and sinus infections, bronchitis and respiratory infections. The peppermint oil is one of the best natural remedies for headaches. Rub a few drops of the oil on the forehead, the nape and the temples. The pain should disappear after only fifteen minutes.

One explanation is that the menthol blocks the calcium channels, which affect the relaxation of the muscles in the walls of the intestines. Some researchers believe that the essential peppermint oil should be the first remedy you use in the fight against irritable bowel syndrome.

The peppermint can ease the itching caused by insect sting, eczema and rash. The mint tea can be used for rinsing the throat (also with infants who have problems with fungi), for easing of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, and for all who want to avoid the strong drugs.

Peppermint oil for irritable bowel syndrome

The peppermint oil has a significant role in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Due to the high percentage of menthol, it is very effective with the bloating, bowel cramps, gas, indigestion. The peppermint relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestines and relieves the stomach cramps of the irritable bowel syndrome.

A little is known about the treatment of this disease. Studies have shown that of all standard treatments, the best results were reached with the treatment with oil from pure mint. An article in the “British Medical Journal” indicates that the remedies for treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome have a little effect, and the high fiber diet has results in only one of six patients. On the other hand, the peppermint oil has great results and helped with one of two or three people.

The menthol is the best known component of the peppermint essential oil. The menthol causes a pleasant cooling feeling and reduces the painful feeling, and therefore, it eliminates the pain and spasm in the muscles. In the mouth there are receptors that respond to menthol and therefore, this component creates a sense of refreshment in your mouth.

The menthol is added to toothpastes, mouthwashes, chewing gum, products for pleasant breath, tobacco substitutes, throat lozenges and ointments and creams for soothing muscle pain. It acts against viruses, bacteria and fungi, but it is not usually used since there are stronger antimicrobial agents. Most of the plants with strong antimicrobial effect, come precisely from the labiatae family (sage, oregano, basil, thyme) as well as the mint.

Some experts advise that you should chew a teaspoon of fresh mint leaves or other antimicrobial plants every day. A pleasant way to enjoy a mint in the summer months is to make ice cubes with peppermint flavor. In order to prepare this, you should put mint leaves in a container for making ice and pour water over them. When the water becomes solid, the ice cubes are ready and you can add them in water or any other drink that goes with this aroma.

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