An Effective Home Remedy for Child’s Cough

An Effective Home Remedy for Child’s CoughIf your child suffers from sore throat and cough, almost the entire winter – be sure to try to make this wonderful remedy!

It is very easy to prepare it, it has only two ingredients, but it is very effective. First of all, it is safe for your child, it smells good, and it takes only twenty minutes of your time to prepare it.

For those who do not know. The propolis is a new miracle, cure from the bee family. Everyone is familiar with the healing properties of the honey, pollen, wax and royal jelly. But, only few people know about the healing of diseases with propolis. In recent years, scientists and doctors are progressing, getting recipes from the treasury of the traditional medicine based on propolis (or bee glue). With the help of healing ointment with propolis, many skin diseases have become curable, from ordinary wounds and burns, through stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, hemorrhoids, influenza, radiculitis, sciatica, tuberculosis (4-10 months), to eczema, lichen and skin ulcers, gynecological diseases and many other diseases.

In order to prepare this ointment you need:

– 50 grams of propolis

– 50 ml of sunflower oil

– enamel saucepan

You can buy propolis from trusted beekeepers, or in specialized shops and pharmacies. It can be soft or in pieces, in different colors – from light to dark brown. When it is warm it becomes soft and looks like plasticine, and when it is cold it becomes hard.

Preparation of the remedy:

1. Pour the oil in the enamel saucepan and add the propolis

2. Put the saucepan in another pot and warm it slowly on a steam, on low heat, while the propolis becomes soft. It happens pretty quickly.

3. Strain it and pour it into a suitable jar

4. Let it cool off

As a result we get the healing homemade ointment with a nice scent.

You should rub the ointment on the chest, the back and the legs of the child, two times a day.

In case of a severe cough, you can give to the child 1/4 teaspoons of the ointment a day, it should be swallowed or you can dissolve it in warm milk and give it to the child to drink it.

Be healthy, you and your child!

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