Effective Natural Cure for Constipation and Lazy Bowel

The poor and irregular diet and stress are a major problem of the modern society and a more common cause for problems with the intestines.

Effective Natural Cure for Constipation and Lazy BowelIf you have problems with lazy bowel and constipation, try this recipe:



Chop the dried fruit and mix it with the honey and senna. Keep the mixture in the fridge and eat a teaspoon of it every evening.

All these ingredients are excellent for stimulating the digestion, and the plant senna is especially effective in the prevention and treatment of constipation.

Senna (lat. Senna Cassia, Senna Angustifolia) is a plant widespread in the tropical regions of East Africa, Arabia and India, where it grows as a shrub that reaches a height of 300 centimeters. The leaves and pods of the senna are healing because they contain natural laxative substances, anthraquinone, which are very effective in cases of chronic constipation.

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