Essential Oils for Healthy Breathing

Essential Oils for Healthy BreathingIt is extremely important to breathe deeply. You can take care of your respiratory system with the help of aromatherapy which will help you with its fragrant essential oils. Look at the way the fragrant treasures of nature can help you to strengthen the health of the respiratory organs, sinuses, throat and lungs.

Certain essential oils have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties so you can add them to the mixtures for inhalation, gargling or massages. If the disease is already well underway, it is inevitable to visit the doctor and the aromatherapy will help you in the recovery.

However, do not forget: even the best mixture cannot help you if you spend time in areas with smoke of cigarettes or areas with a lot of dust and dirt. A lot of fresh air, warm herbal teas, light meals, clean environment and fragrant purging notes are a winning combination.

Relieving of the problems with the sinuses

Sinusitis is an acute inflammation of the sinuses and the nasal tract. It can be very painful, it can cause headaches, create a sense of congestion or pain in the ears as side effects.

In case of this extremely unpleasant disease, you must see your doctor and with aromatherapy you will help yourselves to fight these unpleasant and painful symptoms. The recommended essential oils that will cleanse the nasal cavity and ease the headaches are:


Put 2 drops of eucalyptus, 1 drop of broad leaf lavender and 1 drop of peppermint on a tissue. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply three times. Repeat this in the morning and in the evening for a period of one week.


Prepare spray by yourselves that will have anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties (against accumulation of fluids in the tissues). Take a bottle that can be used for spraying. In the bottle you should put:

  • 15 ml of tea tree hydrolates
  • 2 drops of peppermint
  • 3 drops of eucalyptus
  • 4 drops of broad leaf lavender

Mix everything well and every night before going to sleep you should use the mixture to sprinkle your face gently, so you can inhale some of the prepared lotion.


You should prepare warm elder tea with oregano, sweetened with a tablespoon of honey and drink it for two to three weeks. The oregano has a strong antibacterial effect, and as an addition to the elder tea it has irresistibly aromatic smell and taste.

It is recommended to get the tea from clean natural environment.

Also you can try this effective home remedy for sinus infection.

Help with painful and sore throat

The painful and sore throat is often one of the first symptoms of respiratory disorders. The following essential oils are very effective and soothing for these symptoms:

Prepare a mixture for gurgling and use it to gargle several times a day.

A mixture for gurgling No. 1

  • Half a glass of water
  • Half a teaspoon of homemade apple cider vinegar in which you should add:
  • 2 drops of sandalwood
  • 2 drops of lemon

A mixture for gurgling No. 2

  • Half a glass of water
  • Half a teaspoon of homemade apple vinegar in which you should add:
  • 2 drops of Atlas cedar
  • 2 drops of tea tree

Stir it well with a glass rod and gargle. Every day you should drink a liter and a half of warm elder tea with lemon and honey.

Chronic Bronchitis

The common colds, exposure to the smoke of cigarettes and the polluted air are some of the factors that irritate our lungs and stimulate them to secrete excessive mucus. The tobacco smoke is especially dangerous to your health and the health of the respiratory system because it contains over 3000 respiratory irritants responsible for the formation of the free radicals which damage the cells of the lining of the bronchi. If you add the tar, the carbon monoxide and the nicotine that united make huge damage to your lungs, it is an excellent advice to give up this bad and expensive habit.

The mixture of essential oils that successfully purifies the respiratory organs includes:

The cajuput is particularly suitable for children with respiratory infections.The Scots pine relieves the symptoms of asthma, while the tea tree is effective in its fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi. The sweet marjoram and the sandalwood are also very good for soothing of the inflamed bronchi.

Aroma lamps

In a ventilated room you should light the aroma lamp in which you have added a few drops (3-4) of essential oil of tea tree, cajuput and Scots pine. The second day you should add a few drops of sandalwood and marjoram in the aroma lamp. You should do this treatment with the essential oils for period of ten days and gradually reduce the smoking or quit completely.

Spend at least one hour in this clean room and then go for a walk in nature, in the park, in the forest, by the sea or the river. You should walk for half an hour to one hour and breathe deeply.

At work

You can practice the aromatic treatments with essential oils while you are at work as well. Take a tissue, drop 4 drops of an essential oil. We recommend 1 drop of cajuput, 1 drop of sweet marjoram and 2 drops of tea tree, then close your eyes and breathe in 3 times. You should do this a few times during the day.

Do not forget to drink plenty of hot tea. In order to strengthen the lungs, it is particularly good to drink tea of lungwort with coltsfoot. In a cup of tea you should certainly add half a dl of cold milk in order to cool it a bit, and then add 1 teaspoon of thyme honey.

You should drink this exceptionally tasty beverage several times a day, for a period of two weeks. If you suffer from asthma and serious and acute forms of bronchitis, then you must consult your doctor before you start with any type of scented treatments.

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