Fast and Easy Salty Potato Cake Recipe

potato cake


Tasty, spicy, aromatic salty potato cake…


– 500g of flour
– 30g of yeast
– 250 ml of water
– 30 ml of olive oil
– 200g of potatoes
– 200g of sweet potatoes
– 1 small red pepper
– Rosemary
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 50 ml of olive oil
– Herbal spices
– Salt and pepper


Add the yeast into warm water, stir well and gradually add the flour. Add the olive oil and make the dough. Leave it in order to rise for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and add some salt on them salt and cut them into thin circles. Wash the pepper and chop it finely, do the same with the garlic. Mix the garlic with the olive oil and the rosemary. Roll out the prepared dough and place it in the baking tray, on which you have previously applied some oil. Put the potatoes, then on top of them put the pieces of pepper and finally, on top of everything put the oil in which you have added the garlic and rosemary. Add some spice and bake for about 35 minutes at 200 degrees.
You can try this recipe when you want to make dinner or prepare it when you expect guests. You can prepare most delicious salty potato cake very quickly. This cake is very tasty when it is still warm.

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