How to Fight Herpes Virus Without Medications

herpes on lipsIt is more than difficult to suffer from herpes virus: the manifestations of this disease are huge pain and discomfort which is usually followed by embarrassment. It’s tough to fight the disease, while being professionally and socially engaged. Other difficulty is that medications do not always help properly. This is why we turn here to superfoods as food supplements that can help fight herpes virus.

Nutrition rich with vitamins B, C and E and amino acid lysine is very good for strengthening the immune system and fighting herpes simplex. Some of the best foods for that are fruits, vegetables, fish, bean sprouts and whole grain nutrients providing a lot of carbon hydrates. On the other hand, there are also foods which you should avoid. These are caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar.


One of the most common human viral infections is herpes virus and one fruit which is known for positive effects on this illness are cranberries. They are already famous for aiding fight against infections in urinary system. They achieve the desirable effect by reducing power of bacteria called Escherichia coli. This prevents these bacteria to stick to the walls in the urinary system thus preventing infection. It is similar with herpes type 2: cranberries are also used there to stop bacteria attaching and digging holes in the walls of urinary system. Finally, infections with herpes simplex and HSV-2 are visible as herpes in the genital region or cold sores.


Beside cranberries, there is also broccoli, which is useful for patients suffering from heart disease, cancer and similar. It contains a lot of vitamin C and helps immune system. It also helps a lot against herpes simplex virus by preventing its reproduction.

Kelp (laminaria)

There is sea vegetable which is called kelp or laminaria and is known to be of help for curing herpes and cleaning blood.

Beside food, you should also include some changes of the lifestyle. You should not expose yourself to the sun a lot and you should quit smoking. Otherwise, your body can be exposed to a lot of harm, which will inevitably lead to reduced power of the immune system and decreased ability for fighting infections.

Major trigger of herpes outbreaks is stress. It is thus desirable to fight stress before you start tackling its consequences. You can help yourself against stress by sleeping more, relaxing more and spending as much time as possible outdoor or doing exercises.

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