It Fights Against Cancer and Reduce Blood Pressure! When Was the Last Time You Ate It?

beetroot juiceThe beetroot has an extremely high concentration of nitrates, which, as it has been shown by a number of different studies, reduces the blood pressure.

A study conducted in London found that only a glass of beetroot juice a day lowers the pressure considerably. The latest study conducted in Melbourne proved that the pressure is significantly lowered only six hours after you drink half a liter of beetroot juice.

The scientists have concluded that the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases will be reduced by 10 percent if more people drink beetroot juice.

Studies have shown that it increases the strength, and that drinking beetroot juice can reduce the progression of dementia and the tumor growth. Namely, researches conducted in Washington in 2011, have proven that the betacyanin in the beetroot reduced the growth of the tumor of prostate and breast by 12.5 percent.

The nutritionists recommend the beetroot for digestive problems as well, and they point out that it is also good for the liver because it helps in the processing of toxins.

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