Foods That Will Protect You from Colds

Foods That Will Protect You from ColdsThe best way to supply your body with vitamins and protect yourselves from viruses is to eat healthy, use foods rich in vitamins that will definitely strengthen your immune system.


One cup of cooked spinach will give you 377% of the daily needed dose of vitamins, 30 percent of the needed vitamin C, 20 percent of the needed vitamin E and 15 percent zinc.

In order to increase the amount of spinach in your diet, try to add the frozen and chopped spinach into your favorite soup, tomato juice, risotto, put it in sandwiches, add it in salads or try these three easy smoothie recipes with spinach.

Sunflower Seeds

Only a quarter cup or three large tablespoons of these tasty snacks and you will get 90 percent of the daily recommended dose for vitamin E. Add one tablespoon of these magic seeds in yogurt or salad in order to increase the level of vitamins in your body and strengthen your natural defense system.

Red Peppers

One cup of raw chopped red peppers will provide you with 291 percent of the daily needed dose of vitamin C, which is more than the orange! There is even more, you will get the needed daily amount of vitamin A from the peppers. And since they are very tasty, you can also add chopper peppers in the salad.

Button Mushrooms

One serving of mushrooms contains more than 50 percent of the daily dose of selenium you need and 15 percent zinc. You can fry them together with the tomato juice or serve them with pasta.

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