For Healthy Bones and Teeth: 10 Unexpected Sources of Calcium

10 Unexpected Sources of CalciumContrary to the popular opinion, the calcium is not contained only in the dairy products!

Calcium is an essential mineral that strengthens the bones and teeth, helps in the formation of the muscle mass and helps the work of the brain. In order to properly supply the body with the necessary minerals, you can enjoy the following ingredients.

#1. White beans are a good source of calcium, so you can add them in salads, make a stew, or a spread like a humus.

#2. Sardines are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and calcium. It is best to fry this cheap and available fish in minimum fat and eat it at least twice a week.

#3. The dried figs are a great snack because they supply the body with the necessary amount of fibers, antioxidants and calcium.

#4. Kale is a nutritional superfood with a high percentage of nutrients, including the calcium. You should eat it in combination with fish, or make healthy chips from it or different types of salad.

#5. Reach for the almonds when you want a healthy snack full of potassium, vitamin E, iron, and calcium.

#6. The orange is a good source of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, but it also contains significant amounts of calcium that will strengthen your bones and teeth. Eat it raw as a snack or add it in salty and sweet food.

#7. The sesame seeds are not just decoration for pastries and bread. These little nutritious energy bombs help to lower the blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Add them in salads, or use them instead of bread crumbs for frying meat, fish and vegetables.

#8. The solid tofu is actually a vegetarian alternative to cheese made from minced and cooked soybeans, and it is a great way to enrich your meal with calcium and protein, and small amounts of fats.

#9. The algae are excellent sources of calcium. Include this Japanese favorite food in your favorite risotto, or combine them with your favorite kind of soup.

#10. You can get calcium even from industrial prepared food such as instant oatmeal packets. Whether you prepare them with cow’s milk or soy milk, these instant meals are an excellent way to start the morning.

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