Green Smoothie for Breakfast, but why?

Green Pulpy JuiceIf morning isn’t your favorite part of the day, you are not alone. For many of us, the morning means getting up early, rush to work, taking children to kindergarten or school…

With all these obligations, it is necessary to make something for breakfast that should be friendly, healthy, quick and easy to prepare. Luckily thousands of people in the world have already solved this problem. They have a green smoothie for breakfast.

Green juice is light and healthy, and all members of your family will love it, and what is most important is ready in just 5 minutes.

What are the health benefits?

Victoria Boutenko, author of “Green Health”, also believes that green leafy vegetables are the perfect food for humans. They are full of vitamins and minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and amino acids, which are the basic protein building blocks. That’s all we need for health.

But, eating raw vegetables is not so easy – to reach its valuable components they must be goAlso, due particular tastes it’s hard to eat a lot of vegetables in its raw form.

That’s why Victoria did an experiment that became a real discovery in the world of healthy food enthusiasts.

Victoria has decided to “cover up” the smell of green leafy vegetables with fruits odors by blending all in one place and make it look appetizing and tasty. Thanks to her discovery, which has an amazing effect on human health, now everybody can enjoy with a delicious meal that is:

Delicious and easy,

Full of vitamins, minerals and fibers,

It’s quickly prepared,

All family members can drink it,

Improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails,

Provides the necessary energy and refreshment,

Promotes natural weight loss,

Improves mood,

Gives the body necessary nutrients,

Prevents cellular aging and cancer,

Normalize digestion,

Improves memory, mental clarity and concentration.

So, there is a tons of reason why you should start a day with green smoothie!

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