Heal the Headache with a little Salt

Heal the Headache with a little SaltA strong headache may bind you to the bed and destroy all your plans. The pain that the headache brings is usually strong and limits with the unbearable.

If you do not want to take extra pills even for the “ordinary” headache, you should try this really simple recipe. You probably already have all the necessary ingredients at home, and the main ingredient among them is the salt.

The method is simple and does not cost anything, let say “Salty Lemonade“!

Instead of honey or any additional sweetener, in a glass of lemonade, put two teaspoons of salt, drink it and get rid of the headache.

If you decide to heal the headache with salt, it’s best to use Himalayan or sea salt. It is recommended to use the Himalayan salt because it contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements that have a positive influence on the human body. Salt helps to reduce the pain, increase the immunity, raises the energy levels of the body, balances the levels of serotonin and electrolytes in the body and much more.

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