Healing Plants That You Simply Must Have in Your Home

Healing Plants That You Simply Must Have in Your HomeIt is easy to grow a healing plant in a house or in an apartment and at the same time, it will be at your reach when you need it.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera has many beneficial effects on the health, from easing the itching and redness to reducing inflammation and pain. It is enough to take a leaf, cut it and rub with it the sore spot on the body.


You should certainly plant lavender, which will ease the stress and tension. You can add the dried lavender in the bath or make some tea that will relax you.


The thyme tea is used to relieve nausea – just add a couple of dried leaves in boiling water and leave it for half an hour, then strain it and drink it. Chewing fresh thyme leaves will give you a fresh breath.

Home ferns

Be sure to plant a few home ferns and place them in different parts of the house to keep the air always clean and fresh, with no mold or cigarette smoke. The home fern purifies the air.


Even the simple parsley has a big role in the health; it helps to prevent the secretion of histamine, a compound that causes allergies and hay fever. Just drink a tea made from two tablespoons of dried leaves that you should put into boiling water and strain it after ten minutes.

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