Health Benefits of Drinking Basil Tea

Basil TeaThe basil tea is used in the treatment of inflammation (stomach, intestines), against cough, the initial stages of tuberculosis, diseases of the urinary organs (kidneys, bladder).

The basil (Osimum Basilicum) is used to calm the nerves, to improve the appetite and against insomnia. It is also used to treat certain intestinal parasites, against gases, against inflation and digestive problems, to increase the milk in nursing mothers and to normalize the menstrual cycles.

It is also useful against catarrh of the stomach, poisoning of the stomach and intestines, stomach cramps, vomiting and constipation.

Preparation of the tea

You can mix the flowers, the leaves and the upper very gentle parts of the stem or, you can only use the leaves. For one cup of tea, you need one tablespoon of the herb, and you should drink it without any sweeteners, in sips, 2-3 cups a day. You can sweeten the tea with honey, only if you use it as a cure against lung diseases or against cough.

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