Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea

Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion TeaDandelion tea purifies the body, helps the degeneration of the cartilage and stimulates the sweating. It also helps to get rid of the extra weight and cellulite. You can also cut the root into thin slices and eat it raw with bread and butter.

Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinle) enhances the secretion of the bile, acts as a diuretic, stimulates the kidney function, purifies the blood, helps in the treatment of pain in the bones and rheumatism, it helps against eczema, ulcers and the lack of appetite.

Diabetics should drink dandelion tea, and it is recommended to chew from 5 to 10 hollow stems every day. This tea helps in the treatment of anemia, irregular menstrual cycles and gallstone.

The dandelion root has the ability to dissolve, refresh, purify, to stimulate the sweating and to heal the organism. It affects all secretions in the body, helps with constipation, with difficulties caused by collected slime, with painless secretion of urine, it eliminates the substances that cause fatigue, and the root refreshes and heals the body.

The root and the stem of the dandelion contain a bitter substance called taraxacin, which acts as a diuretic, but it can also cause diarrhea and difficulties in the heart rhythm. But the visible signs of the poisoning appear only after the plant is consumed in large quantities, especially the older bitter parts of the dandelion. Young leaves are completely harmless.

Preparation of Dandelion Tea

The tea is usually prepared from the crushed dried root. You should put one tablespoon of the root in 2 dl of water, boil it on a low temperature for a few minutes, then strain it after 15 minutes and drink the tea either without sweeteners, or even better, you can sweeten it with some honey.

Latest research shows that dandelion root helps in the fight against cancer, you can read more on this link.

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