Health Benefits of Drinking Mint Tea

Mint teaMint tea has a distinctive flavor and aroma, it is very aromatic and refreshing. It is used to calm the nerves, against mental illness, headache, tingling in the ears, hysteria and hypochondria, fever, fatigue and night sweats.

It eliminates gases, burping, vomiting, cramps in the stomach and the uterus, stimulates blood flow, it heals colds, huskiness and cough. The mint has great effect on the liver and the gallbladder. It eliminates the inflammation of the gallbladder, has a soothing effect against the swelling and nervous heartbeat. It sooths the respiratory organs, and it is used by the people who have problems with digestion.

Preparation of the tea

Take one or one and a half tablespoon of leaves and flowering shoots of mint for one cup of tea. You can drink 3-4 cups of the prepared tea a day. However, the constant use of mint tea can have negative effect on the heart. After 8-12 days of using the tea, you should make a break of one week.

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