Health Benefits of Drinking Nettle Tea

Nettle TeaThe nettle (Urtica dioica) is the best ingredient to purify the blood. It is an important part in the treatment of urinary tract diseases like inflammation, painful urinary retention, and it also eliminates the inflammation of the kidneys as well as the creation of kidney stones. In order to stimulate the urination, you should drink 3-4 cups of fresh tea a day.

The nettle helps with constipation, it leads to elimination of the solid substances, stimulates the exchange of substances, eliminates the paleness and anemia, and also increases the resistance to diseases, whether it is just a cold or rheumatism or other bone problems.

It has been proven that the nettle can stop the bleeding, because it can heal the vomiting of blood, coughing up blood, blood in the urine, heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle, as well as the bleeding of the uterus.

The significant amounts of vitamin A, various mineral salts, vegetable hormones and enzymes which significantly increase the number of red blood cells, these are the characteristics that make the nettle exceptionally suitable for the so called spring treatment, especially as a fresh juice, salad or tea. This is the way to eliminate the state of depression quickly. It is scientifically proven that the nettle reduces the blood sugar.

The nettle leaf is usually used to stimulate the creation and secretion of the urine, which indirectly helps the work of the heart and lowers the blood pressure. It improves the blood results and regulates the lack of iron in the blood. Due to the significant amounts of minerals, silicates and vitamins, the nettle leaf prevents the hair loss, stimulates its growth and eliminates the fragility of the nails. It helps the people who suffer from arthrosis (pain in the joints) and helps the cartilages to be strong and to regenerate.

It acts against rheumatism, fever, tuberculosis, bronchitis and problems with the joints. It helps the fast healing of wounds, acts against radiation, gastric ulcer, insomnia and stress. The tea from the entire plant separates the slime from the lungs, cleans the stomach, the liver and the intestines, and at the same time, it is an excellent cure for anemia, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, malaria and any type of fever. Due to the strong healing effect, it is used to treat allergies as well.

Preparation of Nettle Tea

Use two tablespoons of chopped nettle with 2 dl of water, drink 2-3 small cups of warm tea a day, you can add honey but do not use sugar.

Tea for the stomach and the liver

You should use the whole herb for this tea. Put three tablespoons of the chopped herb in two liters of water and let it sit for 10-12 hours. Then boil this mixture in a covered pot for half an hour. When the tea cools off, strain it and drink one cup three times a day before the meals. This cure separates the slime from the lungs, cleans the intestines, the liver and the stomach.

Nettle wine for gastric and intestinal ulcer

Take 10 tablespoons of the leaves and the root of the nettle, one tablespoon of wormwood, two tablespoons of plantain and one tablespoon of crushed juniper berries. Add one liter of red wine and let it sit for 12 hours. Then add 3-4 tablespoons of homemade honey and boil for half an hour.

The nettle wine must be covered until it cools off. The wine – the medicine, should be taken warm, one tablespoon before a meal. Besides its use against gastric and intestinal ulcer, this wine helps with problems with the bones, the kidneys and stress.

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