Health Benefits of Primrose (Primula officinalis)

Primrose (Primula officinalis)As one of the first spring plants, the Primrose (Primula officinalis) is very important because it heals all catarrh’s, the increased secretion of the slime, it heals the cough, the flu and supplies the organism with vitamin C.

The Primrose is particularly good in the healing of lung diseases and rapid heartbeat. The tea prepared from the primrose flowers increases the number of red blood cells, improves the blood circulation. Furthermore, the roots and flowers significantly purify the blood and eliminate all toxic substances which may cause various bone problems and rheumatism. Also, it’s used in the treatment of irregular menstrual cycles.

The tea prepared from the primrose roots has an excellent calming effect and eliminates the headache, stress, insomnia, dizziness and faintness. Besides everything else, the Primrose is used to treat weak paralysis, kidney diseases, rheumatism and chronic constipation.

Tea against insomnia

The tea against insomnia should be used instead of any synthetic substances which promise a peaceful sleep. This tea brings sleep and eliminates all causes for insomnia, protecting the nerves and the health in general.

You need: 50 gr of primrose, 25 gr of lavender flowers, 10 gr of hop and 15 gr of St. John’s wort. Take one full tablespoon of this mixture and pour a quarter liter of boiled water and let it sit for three minutes. You should drink it before you go to sleep, very hot, as hot as you can take it, with some honey in it.

The Primrose has an excellent effect on the nerves and the heart and eliminates the headache caused by stress. Also, it has an excellent effect on the inflammation of the heart muscle and prevents the organism from a brain hemorrhage.

Tea for purifying the blood

An excellent spring tea which purifies the blood should be prepared with 50 gr of primrose, 50 gr of elder saplings, 15 gr of nettle leaves and 15 gr of dandelion root. Take one or two teaspoons of this mixture and pour one cup of boiled water, you should drink two small cups a day. Instead of sugar, you should put honey in the tea.

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