Healthy Food That Renew Your Organs, Even the Heart

Healthy Food That Renew Your OrgansThe regeneration of the organs is important for a healthy organism. The healthy food plays a major role in the regeneration of organs and therefore, it is very important to know which ingredients you should use in order to help your organs.

Nervous system

The mix of blueberries, green tea and carnosine, which can be found in pork, beef, and fish, is the best for the nervous system. The root of turmeric, celery, parsley, artichoke, royal jelly, or coffee can help as well. There are other things that can also help in the nerve regeneration, such as music or even falling in love.


The substances contained in the licorice root are the best for regeneration of the liver. Other substances that help the liver regeneration are: oregano oil (carvacrol), turmeric root (curcumin), artichokes, and vitamin E (tofu, spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado, shrimp, fish, olive oil, pumpkin and gourd).

Regeneration of beta cells

Beta cells produce insulin in the pancreas. The following substances can help the diabetics: black cumin, turmeric root (curcumin), avocado, bitter melon, Swiss chard and vitamin D (fish, caviar, eggs, cheese).

Hormonal regeneration

Vitamin C is the best for this regeneration, and it can be found in peppers, kale, kiwi, strawberries, and peas. This vitamin has the ability to regain the shape and function of estrogen, E2, progesterone and testosterone, which makes it a good supplement or replacement for the hormone therapy.

Regeneration of the heart muscle

Although people used to think that the regeneration of the heart muscle is not possible, recent studies have shown that the ingredients in red wine, red grapes, or dark chocolate, stimulate the regeneration of that muscle.

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