Healthy Refreshment: Lemonade Rich in Probiotics

Healthy Refreshment: Lemonade Rich in ProbioticsAt a time when you can never be sure what is contained in the juices and foods that you buy, the homemade is always better.

This is not an ordinary lemonade, but a lemonade enriched with healthy probiotics.


  • 12 organically grown lemons
  • Honey
  • A cup of fresh whey
  • Water


Squeeze the lemon juice, pour it into a bigger glass jar, add the whey and stir quickly.

Now it is time to add honey, the amount is according to your taste, but you will need at least half a cup because the probiotics feed on sugar, so in this case it cannot do harm.

After you have added honey and mixed everything, you should fill the jar to the top, if it is possible, with filtered water.

Let the drink sit for at least two days at room temperature in order to ferment and then enjoy this drink full of probiotics and vitamins. After the fermentation, there is a high probability that the drink will be quite sour so, you should add more honey if you need it.

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