Here is How Sugar Kills Us

Here is How Sugar Kills UsSugar is found in the salami, bread and other processed products, and the diet high in sugar is harmful to the liver and the heart.

The sugar is a drug of the modern age, it is addictive and harmful to the whole body. The biggest problem is that it is contained in most of the processed foods on the market:

From the bread to the meat products and people do not realize how much sugar they take a day!

It destroys the liver

The food with a high percentage of sugar creates fat around the liver, which is followed by non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. The experts have noted the occurrence of liver disease in children who are not in touch with alcohol, and causes of high sugar are the juices and the sweets as well.

If those who suffer from this disease do not hold on to a healthy diet, the disease can lead to cirrhosis, although they do not use alcohol at all.

It causes heart diseases

The sugar is bad for the heart health, even for people who are in good shape, warn the cardiologists. The increased intake of sugar leads to an increase of the uric acid in the blood, which leads to increased blood pressure and risk of a heart attack. This also occurs in people with normal weight.

Sugar – a silent killer

The salt and the high blood pressure are often highlighted as a risk to the human health, but the truth is that the sugar is just like them, a silent killer.

A study from 2008 discovered that the excessive consumption of fructose can lead to resistance of the body to leptin. That hormone tells the brain that we are full, and the result is an epidemic of obesity. Moreover, the sugar is also associated as a cause for the occurrence of malignant diseases and it is also considered as “food” for tumors.

One study showed that the sugar from the juices takes 200,000 lives a year. According to a study at Harvard, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer that caused the death, are associated with the increased intake of sweet juices.

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